What to do?

My girls are in that I am bored stage of summer where I feel like they are looking for my every other hour circus show of entertainment. And well, that ain’t happening. In fact, it kind of irritates me. And here I will go all “when I was young” but it is true. We played outside. We didn’t have air. We didn’t have tons of electronics. And really I didn’t have many books other than what was checked out from the library or the very few I had accumulated from kind teachers.

So yesterday this happened and shooed them outside into our pool. I know it isn’t huge, and it isn’t like a city pool but I would have lived in this if it were in my backyard. So….

365.232-They loved it and played for hours.

365.233-And I am feeling that old familiar I am bored too. But with my hair. I go through as the new school year approaches every summer. I feel a little like Prairie Dawn. Long locks, lots of braids. I want a change. Not sure what. Any ideas?


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