Parents in the Stands. Can I stand you? Can you stand me?

Okay, I guess we are a softball family. The last three days were spent, traveling, eating in “joints”, cheering with each and every down and up. Blaming the ump, blaming the coach. Blaming the heat….blaming whatever we can for that missed opportunity. I toyed with should I even post about this because some parts I loved and some parts I hated.

What I DO love about this league is what it teaches my daughter. Many of the stronger fundamentals that there is just no time for in her regular house league. As well, my daughter is awesome. She knows this. I know this. Sometimes it goes to her head how easily everything comes to her. In this league it takes work. I am ready for her tackle some of those hardships in life that take work. I don’t want her to be one of those people who when life gets hard she quits.

What I DON’T love about this league is WOW KAZOOWY some of the parents that participate in it. They are honestly parents I believe that would slit my kids throat if it meant their kid could play. And no I don’t mean literally, but I am not 100% sure about bone breaking. That could probably be on the table.

Of course I have heard of this bad behavior on tv and watched numerous You Tube versions of it. On Friday, I sat and listened to one mom chastise our home league team and how “bad” they were and it was a joke that we even play. I tried to make eye contact with her to see if she would recognize me from when we just played them. She looked awkwardly at me but kept going only louder and more obnoxious. She went on for 10 minutes about her negative perceptions of each of the girls on our team. Tell me that won’t make a momma want to gut punch someone? Unfortunately, no daughter on the team was immune to her poor example of sportsmanship including her own daughter.

Some may say “oh well, that is just how she is” or “that is just how those leagues are” and that is fine for them. But I am just never one that will find that sort of behavior okay on any level. I feel horrible for her daughter having to listen to it. And I guess the teacher in me finds myself so horribly upset by that behavior. What in the world does it teach those girls? To talk each other down, to compete when you are on the same team, to replicate such poor sportsmanship.

Now I am no angel. I rant and rave with the best of them. But I try and be respectful to the fact that these girls are kids. They aren’t grown women who can defend themselves there in that stand where their only crime is choosing to play a sport. But I know I am intense and serious about this sport, but what I brought to these tournaments is no where near what else is being brought there. At one point I looked at my guy and said, “Wow, are we sure we want her exposed to this?”

The good news is when I removed myself from it I enjoyed it much more. I sat in the blazing sun with my #2 and #3 and held them in my arms and read books. I caught up with friends who normally I wouldn’t have time too. I got to know other educators that could give me insight into teaching better. I saw my daughter playing in the outfield, sweating her butt off, running bases like a mad woman but smiling the whole way. That is why we signed up.

She loved dressing like all of her team and being a part of their beginning of game chant where they create a huge circle and sing:

Every where we go

People want to know who we are….    who we are

So we tell them….   so we tell them

The mighty mighty D Dynamite.

Those moments I hope are the ones that last for me and hopefully her. Which is why I went out of my way to move away from that behavior. I don’t say “oh well” to it. I won’t participate in it. If I can’t bring something positive I realized  this weekend I bring nothing at all. That does not mean I won’t fail. So if you read and you sit next to me in the stand, just know now I will fail. But I am gonna try my darnedest to not act like like a crazy softball mom.


5 thoughts on “Parents in the Stands. Can I stand you? Can you stand me?

  1. I always sat in my car along the fence…..always had to remove myself from the situation. I am cringing now just remembering…..

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