Finally Pinning Again.

I have been repeating pins around these parts but not much new pin trying. But I have been a pinning fool for my classroom. The paint was done. Then I hit a huge roadblock. I don’t like my desks so we are on search for new desks. Thankfully, that is even an option.

In the mean IT IS TIME to start decorating. As my boss so eloquently put it this morning to me. “Time to get cracking, huh?” At one point I was head of the race. Now I am miserably behind. Partially, I took a break. Partially, waiting on Mommy Jargon’s help while she vacations.

Any way, so this pin. PIN35) A streamer I guess you could call it. It was inspired by this. I didn’t really see instructions but honestly. I didn’t need any. I don’t give myself near the credit I should when it comes to sewing. My momma is the world’s best sewer so, I at least know I possess some skill.

Tonight I set my way to creating my own to determine if I wanted to do this in my classroom. And here it is…

1) Trace a circle pattern into a book page, newspaper, paper with writing, whatever you like really. I went through our recycled paper and picked out patterns I liked and I tore up a book I didn’t need or want. I just used a drinking cup for my circle.

2) Then cut the circles out with patterned scissors or just do straight edge. Whatever you prefer. I wasn’t shooting for a uniformed look, so I just willy nillied cut it.

3) Choose your color of thread and load up your machine. Paper will dull out your needle quickly so make sure you have back ups. I chose purple thread cause the color in my room is purple.

4) And sew away. And away. I let my #2 and # 3 pick my stitch pattern from the machine. This is a time it would be fun to play with. You can space them out as far as you want and just feed in the next one when you are ready.

5) Here is the finished. It was a fun project. Now I best get to cutting more circles.


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