Saturday Sharing…A Working Momma

I have always been a working momma so you know. Some jobs get paychecks, some don’t. But today’s edition is dedicated to things work related. You shall see my pretties.

The first….

Ha ha, maybe not work related but I saw this the other day and laughed hysterically. A huge part of OCD for me is self talk. In my head, there is a constant dialogue and it is always going and going. This includes talking to myself on dealing with people. Most of the time I realize that I expose myself to people that irritate me. No it isn’t always like that. But sometimes it is. At my job things are still so new. We aren’t working together day in and day out yet. Yes, the other English teacher and I have been more than the others but….the real stuff I am not sure it is happening yet.

Well kind of. We sat chatting yesterday. More get to know you stuff and I I was fidgety. Repetitive. Explain mode. When I get that like I start believing my OCD is pretty obvious. So I just said, “Well I really have OCD. I mean like the real deal. So if I get repetitive or do odd things you know. I apologized for being so bold but I find it so much easier to just proclaim it then hide it (though I know it is never really hidden) and wonder what others think.

Convenience sharing…

I totally forgotten about this one. I did it for awhile. Prices got a little too salty for this  1 income family and I forgot. But Schwan’s  is going to be my new best friend. My mother in law, a retired teacher, reminded me it would work great for my new work schedule and I was like, “Ahh, yes!” After I left I was so grateful for the reminder. They have tons of flexibility in healthiness too. Their live smart stuff is a great choice usually. The time has come to get back on their route I guess. I love their Mexican stuff. And here I thought I would have to live day in and day out on crock pot food.

Speaking of crock pot goodness….Skinny MS slow cooker recipes look awesome! I love, love, love crock pot recipes. My only concern with this is I will have to put in when I leave. 7:40ish and I won’t be home till after 5. My guy he will be home by 3:30 but that seems awfully long for stuff to cook to me. Therefore, I am quite positive I need to researched timed crock pots. And how oh how do you leave the food in them and pray it turns on? I am not so cool with that type of crock potting. I suppose it is time to educate myself.

Where the crock pot can’t handle it we can always rely on the handy dandy pressure cooker. I actually use ours quite a bit. Take that back, my guy does. He is the pressure cooking king. He takes my crock pot recipes and applies to this much quicker method of “slow” cooking. Want some pressure cooking recipes? Here! Go here! I know peeps are afraid of this method, but don’t be. The new ones are so safe and  they give you that cooked all day flavor that people love!

Phone Convenience…

So my contract was up. It was time for an upgrade. Word on the street blackberry is going away from the single user consumer and switching to business like people. I didn’t want to go along for that ride. I also wanted the larger screen that I knew a droid or apple product could provide. Well my only stipulation was that it was purple. And purple it is…or berry. Whatever it is, I totally fell for the “feminine” marketing campaign and the way this phone met the needs of a female consumer vs. male. AKA it is purdy! So I got the HTC Rhyme.

Here is the problem though folks: I have officially entered that pack of people that loves the new technology that a smartphone can provide. I read about it and sit impressed and dream of all the things I can do with it. But when push comes to shove I don’t know how. I can barely answer my phone. I can do a text and I can tweet! Ha! Now how is that? And I kind of love the mad props I got from people when I had my blackberry. Mad props for what you may ask….Well I had the fastest texting fingers of anyone you  have ever seen and I was known to crash a phone or two for the sheer speed I would text! Now take that!

Bad news is that it no longer exists! BOO! I have touch screen typing which means I suck at it! It is so bad that I just use the diction portion and send texts that way. Which means they are riddled with grammatical errors and misspellings. Oh well! At least it is pretty! And in effort to make it more convenient for me to use I will you tube “how to use HTC rhyme” and I am totally not joking!

Coupon Convenience…

I am gonna totally make myself look like a liar here but I found one more convenience of a smart phone. That is smart phone coupons. Most companies seem to like to utilize this technology and make it worth your while to do so. My two favorite I have found lately Michaels Mobile and Kroger’s Digital Coupons. Both companies make it super easy to use these awesome methods of saving money. Yesterday, I got a 25% off everything (even sale items) at Michaels for using my cell phone as my coupon generator. I ended up with a nice flower pot and a fake large ficus plant for my classroom for 16$ dollars. My original price should have been way more than than that. My tree marked down 50% and then 25% off that price. Folks that is 25%.

Okay I think that is for my sharing today. I am off to the diamonds again today. Our last tournament weekend. I am kind of ready for it. I am ready to be busy with school stuff. Bought all the girls goodies yesterday for back to school $100 bucks later! That was even with my savvy couponing skills. Someone please tell me how a 3rd grader needs 12 dry erase markers? And 3 dozen pencils? Seriously!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Sharing…A Working Momma

  1. I haven’t had Schwan’s in a long time! I have been contemplating it, our school sells it and gets a kick back as part of a PTA fundraiser (they order once a month and you pick it up in the parking lot at school…not sure if you have things like that where you are but it’s similar to the Market Day program that we once used). Do you have Meijer there? If so, they have MPerks that is attached to a phone number (mobile) and you can do the same thing as the Kroger card with adding coupons. I use that a lot!

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