Saturday Sharing – The Hunger Games

Baby girl turns 11 on Sunday. I will have an 11 year old. Humppff! When she told me she wanted to have a Hunger Games party I got so excited. A book party. Wahoo! A book, I have actually read….even better. Not too many Jane Eyre parties in these neck of the woods.

And boy howdy we had fun! I am just gonna go crazy sharing my pins, pictures, sites and games. It was a blast!

When they walked into the door they all got a white rose with a welcome note from President Snow.


I started right away on making some “rabbit” stew aka chicken legs, with mashed potatoes and carrots. They loved it and seemed to be so excited to jumped away from standard slumber party fare like pizza. I did want to add the berries from the book but #1 said, “No!” And do you know not one girl liked the carrots. Most would not even try them. Eventually with some mom guilt laid on thick about four offered up kindness by eating just one!

The recipe for the chicken legs was my trusty ol’ Paula Deen seasoning and then throw those bad boys on the grill. My kiddos go nuts for chicken legs. Thankfully, so did the girls. PIN37) PioneerWoman’s Creamy Mashed Potatoes. My #2 would die if mashed potatoes did not exist. Even worse she is a connoisseur of them. So if they don’t meet her texture preferences they go to waste. She adores Bob Evan’s version. No at home recipe exists for them, but I think Pioneer Woman’s come close. My #2 had 4ths. And that last pic, that is Life in the Meadow’s, Nikki’s Girl. And can you spot MommyJargon’s one and only baby girl? She is in there too!

And I made some Hunger Games gifts too! The first was the bag. At the dollar store I bought yellow and red bags, 2/$1. I bought red and yellow tissue paper. Then I printed out a sticker of the famous saying, “May the odds be ever in your favor”. PIN38) Giftbags.

Inside the bag they had mixed goodies that an 11 year old girl would like. Girly things, candy, bracelets and a bookmark that I made. PIN39) Rue’s Lullabye found at a teacher site.

And grr. I couldn’t find where I pulled this hunger games game from but it was played in a classroom. I changed it to suit my needs and to add parts of the book I felt like they left out. Basically what you see below is the cornucopia. They separated into two groups. What they grabbed mattered but they didn’t know how much. So they had to grab smart. Then I read a story to them and they got points for things they possessed to help their character in the story. It is important here to keep it safe one person goes at a time. So basically if they move quick grab their one item they will get through quicker.

This was the first round of the Hunger Games. Then we had an arena judging game. They were given two beach towels. They had to get from point A to point B without touching grass the quickest. Then each girl had 3 points to award for the technique used. We dq’ed anyone that fell off into the grass but they had an opportunity to try again with a time penalty. The girls were so smart with it and the ideas evolved each time.


Then it was bow and arrow shooting time. We made the finger bow and arrows. PIN49) they have been on pinterest since HG mania started. I was amazed at how concentrated the girls were on this. They were working together to learn and each one took it so seriously. We had some awesome shooters!

MommyJargon’s Girl

And my chick #2′

There could be only one victor and in our version no one died. It was a lot of fun and they seemed stoked to play. The best part about it is the girls never really know who is winning until the end. In this crew that is important because they are all super competitive. They kept trying to guess and they got it all wrong. It really was a matter of how you played the games.

And then they each transformed themselves into the girl on fire with their nails. I have fallen in love with China Glaze nail polish. I had a black base with CG and then I bought orange and red to make “fire” on their nails to be their own little Katniss’s.

And we cannot forget the cake!

We couldn’t do a Hunger Games one because of copyright so we went softball. But my favorite part was the sparklers! Baby girl is almost 11 and has no idea she is getting this…

A Samsung Brightside. Her first cell phone. No data package but a huge deal none the less.


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