Just Write: OCD you didn’t win today!

Man today’s battle was brutal. A new job, a new room, a new curriculum, new co- workers and on top of all that new I met 119 students and their parents, siblings, grandma’s, grandpa’s and fill the blanks. All of that on this OCD momma is just insane. I officially only sanitized my hands 5 times. 5 times from 8am to 8pm is a victory.

You know how I know it is a victory? Because all I want to do is curl up in a ball in my husband’s sweaty arms and not talk (Sweaty because he is outside mowing right now). Imagine this battle, all these thoughts slamming into my head quicker than I can react. But I can’t react. I have stand there and be normal. Be okay. And I was.

OCD I wanted to go home. I wanted to quit before I even started. But the first time I talked with that one student who loves writing. Or that one student who is so excited about a newspaper, a yearbook, a poem or a book and OCD I told you to scram.

It isn’t about you winning anymore. I get to win. I am gonna win every day of every week. I am work with my students and I am gonna rock that classroom in ways they have never seen. And you…your devious thoughts will have to take a hike!

You stopped me from living but you won’t anymore!

And I wrote this on Tuesday and forgot to publish because that is how tired I was.

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