Saturday Sharing – Who says teachers don’t work?

Yes I know our politicians or even grade levels argue about the amount of work a teacher does. Here’s the thing, no one gets it but the teachers themselves and it is a sole and lonely choice they make. However, I am not sure I would call what I did this week “work”.  I have a whole nother griping post about that for another time. I was in orientations, meetings, trainings, registrations, and lots of PR (aka being incredibly happy and welcoming when I really wanted to take off the heels I decided to wear). So yeah I could catch you up but I have worked public and private and the “meeting” thing exists in every market. Usually it says more about the person running it than the people attending it. Could be good, could be bad.

I was at school almost every day this week working various things. I did get to meet the majority of my students and their parents and I touched on it this week I found myself overwhelmed emotionally. My students are sacrificing huge to be in my room. Some sacrificing so much it did move me to tears because they are making decisions that there is no way I could have/would have made at their ages. I am incredibly proud of each and everyone of them. Even the ones that mom and dad may have played a hand in their being there. Their transition is only just beginning and it won’t be easy. So I hope I can do what I can do in my room to make it worth it. I am just so proud to be a part of this and the reasoning behind it.

Saturday sharing is going to be a little photo based and pin based. I have tons to catch up on in that department so I will.

Photo sharing…

365.259 – It was a gloomy kind of week. I decided at one point to walk and get the paper in the rain barefoot. It felt great!

365.260 – Looming gray skies

365.261 – We ice skated

365.262 – I snapped some photos for my desk to show of my baby girls

365.263 – My mandatory posting of 9th grade vocab (and Mommy Jargon’s reading man reading away)


PIN37) Pub Fries from the purple foodie– So I met a friend a few weeks back at an Irish pub and had pub chips. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. In order, to have my guy not think I am totally crazy I decided to attempt them at home.

I made the garlicky oil and everyone in my family was doubtful and offended by the strong garlic smell. But I dredged on anyway. I was quite positive they would be worth the stinky smell. I seasoned the potatoes only with the oil, salt and pepper and put the oil mixture in the bottom of the bowl. My #2 helped me to cut the potatoes into wedges and I feel like this is important because you want that soft puffy potato in your mouth the counter the sauces. Once they are all cut throw them into the bowl with the oil and seasonings. Then mix all together with your hands making sure the potatoes are completely coated. I placed them on a cooling rack placed atop a cookie sheet because this saved a mid-way oven turnover. I hate those with kiddos around. Bake per instructions.

Now the pub I got this idea from served with garlic aioli and buffalo sauce where you can combine. I was lazy so I did buffalo sauce and ranch. It was the perfect mix for my kiddos.  They loved these and we ran out. I didn’t totally follow all the instructions because mine are not near as dark (I didn’t fry..can’t remember if she did). But they were still great and worth the trouble of making something like this. We had pork chop sammys to go with it.

Cooking Sharing…

So I am gonna hit the menu planning circuit hard and heavy with work. I just have too. I have to know what is going on so I can prepare or my family will order pizza’s every day. My school has non-traditional school hours, so I get out at 4:45. It takes me 20 minutes to get home. Add in there I am also a graduate student and well it has to be this way. I will be using pinterest for this more to continue my 100 pins. Most of my recipes for this upcoming week are coming from This first recipe is Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili. It is a mouthful but it sounds awesome. I will tweak a tad for my family but will add enough chicken to stretch it out to chicken tacos for my family. My family loves tacos of any kind. We will also have pot roast, potatoes and carrots. Then what roast we don’t use I will shred for beef barbeque sammies. My own recipe for both. The last lonely day in there will be breakfast for dinner.

Well I suppose that is enough for today!





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