MommyJargon Reports In!

It seems like forever since my last post!  I am happy to report that our new pet is still alive.  I was a little worried for awhile!  He has to be pretty tough for life around here.  Youngest loves to drive him around in a little Lego car and puts him in Lego houses he makes.  See, toughness is required!


My Barbie photos were a huge hit with my family.  My aunt from New York was in town visiting last week and she told us about her upcoming trip to Paris this fall.  Guess who went home with a Barbie?  Yep, my aunt!  So the traveling, photogenic Barbie will be back again someday!

I am wishing that I could travel a little closer to home next week; the Create Chicago Retreat looks like so much fun!  If I were going, I would have a very hard time deciding on which workshops to attend!  They all sound amazing!  Unfortunately, the cost is not something I have been planning for, nor did I plan ahead and find a buddy to tag along with me.

Painted Lace Cuffs

In more recent news (hee hee!) the first day of school was today for my kiddos.  Oldest was super excited.  It was her first day at Middle School and we live close enough that she gets to walk with the other neighborhood kiddos.  She ended up having a really fantastic day.  I was not worried about her though, we had already found out that she was in a class with all of her buddies.

The one I was worried about was Middle.

Middle was less enthusiastic to start today as a third grader.  He has never been one to actually want to go to school.  Luckily, he doesn’t actually complain or put up any kind of fight about going though.  His face was so sad though as he headed out for the bus.  I probably would have teared up except Husband was still home and he would have made fun of me.  We knew he wasn’t in the same class as his best friend, and to top it off, Husband forgot to take Middle to Back To School Night last week while I was out with my aunt and mom.  So he hadn’t met his teacher and didn’t know where his classroom was.  Now you see why I was tearing up!  Poor Middle!  He ended up doing fine though.

Youngest is going to start preschool after Labor Day and even then it will only be two days a week.  So we were on our own today.  I thought he would be really bored and missing the older kiddos, but he did great.  He was stuck like glue to Middle when he got home though!


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