Why can’t I be normal?

So I am exhausted. Up at 5:30. A delay. Many texts with friends to keep up! Long day at work finally. Before I know it time to go home. Come home. Cook dinner. While cooking, working on homework, talking with the girls, talking with my guy, looking at my guy’s weirdo spine. Start fretting about what that means for him. No time to worry. Gotta get dinner stuff figured out for tomorrow and two loads of laundry moving. And home work. Yes that homework did not do itself. Simultaneously carrying a textbook around while cleaning. Boom and I look at the clock and it is time for bed for the girls. Why oh why can’t this get easier? I brought it one myself, yes, I know. But I just want to be one of those wives that magically goes to work. Comes home and dinner is magically ready, and family and friends are magically taken care of. I feel like I currently have three hundred balls in the air and when one is staying afloat the others are bouncing on the floor.

I knew this would be hard but the hard part is missing parts of my old life that I just can’t maintain anymore. I keep feeling like I figure it out and I do for a day and then. I don’t. I suppose some day I will be normal.


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