I know it is a repeat but it is one worth repeating. I love my family, my life and now my job!

Mommy Rhetoric

  • I wonder if he realizes that I know he holds my hand every night before we fall asleep
  • I wonder where those socks disappear to in the washer
  • I wonder if they realize how much I love them
  • I wonder if I should kiss my guy more. Sometimes it seems like you just live and forget to when others would long to
  • I wonder if he knows how much he means to me
  • I wonder  if they know and understand why I am the way I am
  • I wonder if they know I wanted each of them so badly
  • I wonder if he knows I realize he always rushes to do the dishes when I am stressed or busy and how grateful I am for it
  • I wonder if they will like me.
  • I wonder if they even can come close to guessing how excited I am
  • I wonder if…

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