Saturday Sharing…

Saturday Sharing got a little dusty huh? Well I cannot say that I am back forever but I got a lot to share I think.

Teaching Sharing…

Web English Teacher…

Teaching Tolerance…

Edgar Allan Poe Museum (If you email director they will send some great teaching resources) ….

Scholastic Storia (if you sign up as a teacher you get more free resources than are already available)…Storia

Teachers Pay Teachers….

TeachHub (I have to use Google Chrome for this site and great facebook resource)….

Katherine McKnight (Professional in teaching field who has an awesome facebook page with lots of freebies and is a NEA consultant)…

Shopping Sharing…

Now that we have a little more money streaming in we have been able to do a little more shopping than we have in the past. As well, I have a pre-teen that has grown out Children’s place and stores like it. So I have been introduced to two new stores recently.


And my most favorite of all because it is just awesome is American Eagle. My new favorite perfume is Bohemian from there. I wear it daily. I have purchased something from there for the last four weekends in a row. Beautiful sweaters, jeans for my guy, a shirt for my guy, shirt for me and perfume! Oh yea they are having a recycled jean event right now. Bring in old jeans and get 20% off your purchase. Go NOW!

But nothing tops my beloved Amazon. I get so happy seeing the smiley face boxes waiting for me when I walk in the door! The best part is the one click shopping. It may be a little too easy. But I love the lack of hassle!

Pinning Sharing…

Making this tonight….Fried Rice and All!

And made this last weekend….So yummy and fattening!

Well I think that is about I have to add for today’s sharing. I need to catch up on my pins. I have been doing them. Just not posting them! Oh in due time Mommy Rhetoric, all in due time!




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