If this is happiness…

I want more. I finally feel settled. My work now a “safe” place. Those of you that know me and my bouts with OCD know that for a place/person to be deemed “safe” is no small feat. It is a label that can be easily removed and added again. When I walk into work I feel like I belong.

The kids, most of whom I have labeled “safe” are good kids. I love seeing their smiles and I am getting to where I know their personalities and can dish out what they give me in the fun sort of teacher way. We do our business, but we have fun doing it. They are getting used to how I teach and Good Lord I am still getting used to the age difference!

My girls are doing so well. And my intention was to take updated shots of them for the fall and post how each of them are doing. So for the weekend my two goals 1) pictures of them and 2) a post catching everyone up. I got the pictures and then the battery died. Battery charger at school so you get the post and with the pictures later.

#1 is doing really well. Minus her impending teenage hood that will be a miracle if we all survive. The constant attitude toward mom and dad is certainly an adjustment but the little changing body is probably indicative of why. You know how I know she is changing? Cause my 14 year old students check her out. There are times I look at her and I am shocked by just how much she has changed.

#2 is doing surprisingly well. She continues to be the one that always surprises me. I expect one thing from her and inevitably she does another. She handled my being gone a lot more so well and has really handled herself with great dignity. We did clean and move her room last weekend and I noticed some things that alarmed me. I am a little worried about some of her recent worries. But I know she needs counseling. We switched her closer to home and went to have our first appointment and we were not impressed with new place so we decided to switch her to other place in town. And well kind of stopped there cause lives got crazy. I need to add that to my to do list.

#3 is so funny. She can spell her name, read some letters. Her favorite thing to do is play on my IPAD and she is convinced that Santa will be leaving her one of those under the tree. She is IN LOVE with her Mickey critter and always takes him every single place with her proclaiming the whole time….”HE IS REAL.” The cutest thing ever is when she talks to him when no one is around. The other day she told him, “Mickey, you da best friend ever.”

My guy is good. Winding down in his football season. He is now gonna be home much more. He is doing so good at picking up the slack since I am not home as much. He is hankering to go to Vegas and if I could swing surprising him with a trip I would. I just don’t know how to put all the pieces together. I am hoping to do something like that soon. We shall see.

I have officially made it through my first 9 weeks. I am ready to tackle the next 9. I realized (no) learned a lot about what I did wrong. I had that talk with my students that I made mistakes and I am fixing them. So get ready. I got smarter about some things and more laxed about others. Most of it all is just adjusting.

But life is good. In fact, life doesn’t get much better!


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