MommyJargon’s Bacon War

I have always been a coupon cutter, but I have never been one that was able to get a cart of groceries for $10.  I look at couponing websites and blogs.  I try to learn the “secrets” of saving big, but it just never happens.   Despite trying to save some money on groceries, I am now spending more than ever.  I cringe every time I think of how much groceries cost our family of 5.

I should mention that these 5 family members are big eaters.  Yes, MommyJargon too.    For example, last night for supper I made grilled chicken, 5 pieces that were flattened to the size of my entire hand.  One entire box of large shell pasta with a herb butter sauce.  And peas.  Not only was everything wiped out, but I had a hard time saving a plate of food for Hubby.  Middle could have eaten another chicken at least and Oldest could not stop eating the pasta.  Only Youngest did not have seconds, but that was probably because he had a plate of chicken nuggets for a “snack” when the other two came home from school.  Tonight’s menu is roast, mashed potatoes and California blend veggies.  I already know that it will be devoured with a vengeance.

Not only do we have big appetites, we are fans of certain foods.  Certain foods that we like to eat every day.   Of course none of these special foods ever seem to have coupons!  For example, our beloved Biscoff spread that 4 out of 5 of our family members LOVE.  My Youngest sometimes eats two sandwiches a day of this stuff!  Middle packs his lunch every day for school.  His top picks for his lunch box probably add up to almost $5 day.  Sadly, for him, I won’t let him pack his top picks every day.   Hubby not only packs his lunch,  but also his breakfast.  The only family member that I do not feed one meal a day is Oldest, she eats at school.  Which of course we still have to buy.

No one, besides me, seems to enjoy cheaper foods like oatmeal and PB &J’s.  Nope, the kiddos eat frozen waffles with strawberry Philly or Nutella every morning.  Hubbly likes fancy salads with bacon bits, walnuts, dried cherries, sunflower seeds, etc. every lunch.  Fancy apples , like the priciest Honeycrisp, for a snack.

I do love serving up what the family likes and eats.  (We rarely have leftovers!)  I just wish I could come home from the grocery and not feel like we just ate my husband’s paycheck and are going to flush it down the toilet tomorrow.


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