Yea, yea it was my birthday.

And I was quite spoiled. This year seemed more special for some reason. Who knows? Maybe because life is good or just because I choose to see it that way. But I woke up and before I even opened my eyes I had 7 texts telling me Happy Birthday. My mom…she is always first. As she should be right? She likes that title. So do I.

Then my guy spoiled me kind of rotten and had a card and a perfume for me. The girls all made cards. I get to school and….

I was hit by the post it note storm again. Later to only be outdone by streamers, balloons, many different periods of loud and off key happy birthday songs and long banners. It sure made a girl feel special. As well, I had a few students who made me a special gift for my house.

The rest of the evening was spent in class. Admittedly, I was surrounded by people I like so it was not awful but I would have rather been celebrating with my family. I got home around 10:15 and came home to a dark house and a piece of cake all lit up with a candle from my guy! Who has not been feeling all that well courtesy of his TMJ.

And then we made plans for this weekend and had the girl who keeps #3 watch our girls on Saturday night so we could double date with MommyJargon and her husband. It was their anniversary the week before.  We ended up going out to my new favorite restaurant and had my now favorite pub fries dipped in garlic aioli and buffalo wing sauce. I even got my guy to do the dip and he liked it.

I also got spoiled in other ways with some birthday money and I bought and added to my dress up collection of professional clothes. I am getting quite proud of my stash and starting to love rocking the heels and the crisp clothes.

And so you know, I never get hung up about my age. I have earned every single year, wrinkle, gray hair and so on. I proudly claim it and am grateful for it.



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