Less of me…again

You know the best thing about a high stakes job that is high stress and there is little time to snack? Well losing a record 15lbs all with no work. I am down to the size I was when I working out daily. Working out just doesn’t happen anymore. I feel like it could soon but I have been not working out because it was time I didn’t want to take away from my family. 

That is an excuse I know but my priority right now is being here for my family. But thankfully I have the natural weightless cure of stress and no time to eat. I am down to the size of the average American woman again. 

But if I were honest my gut would be my least favorite thing. I have so much extra skin from the girls. It isn’t really chub anymore. It is just a hunk of sagging skin that has no where to go. I often wonder if I did like a p90 if it would go away. Or if I just have to live with it unless I did some sort of plastic surgery. I will probably ask the obgyn next time I am there.

The hardest part about not working out as much. I miss my mommy jargon. That was our built in bonding time. Our kiddos just keep getting busier and busier. Our times to work out together harder and harder to come by. It was not only a physical release but a mental and emotional release. I want to force it to happen so I can get that but something has to give. And I guess right now it is that.

Thankfully, school is over in a month. And that means my evenings will open up some and I can work out again. Yahoo! Okay not the best MR post ever but…..there is most certainly less of me. 


One thought on “Less of me…again

  1. Congrats on the -15! I completely understand the reason you aren’t working out. You’ll find a way eventually. 🙂 Oh and that skin thing, I have that same problem! ugh

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