I won’t lose faith…

A lot of really crappy things get said about this generation of kids. They are self serving, self adsorbed and and entitled. And it isn’t so much that I would disagree with any of that. I mean seriously, if we look at what they are dealing with daily. Things like phones, internet and now ipads in the classroom. They are used to everything being right there in that moment they need it. And I fully recognize that not all of them have all of those things. My commentary is less on the negative and more on what I am seeing.

Damn these kids care. They are so tolerant. They are so caring and they care about one another. Maybe it is my little corner of the educational world or maybe I am just seeing some extremely amazing kids. But as we read the Holocaust and we encounter those extremely hard questions of why. The things they say and that come out of their mouths are every bit of amazing.

They come across so selfless and careless for their own lives and so much more loving and community centered than they get the bum wrap for. Their minds are open and eager and they struggle to grasp how one man and his army could be so cruel. And I fully recognize that it is easy to sit in a classroom in little ole’ US of A and yammer on about these things as a student.

But they care. They are moved emotionally and moved to want to do something or do more. But their biggest question….”How can you hate someone for who they are?” That is at the heart of it the very most basic caring humanistic trait that we all wish we could possess. I even venture to guess some of us adults lose it.

Anger and resentment begins filling our hearts and we struggle to see passed it. But my faith in this next generation is being restored. Not that I ever really lost it but you get the point.



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