A strong independent woman.

Yea yea, I am thankful for all the usual things. And they are all great. But it is the things we don’t talk about that I am thankful for most right now.

I am thankful that I am a woman. Not just a woman. A strong woman. A strong and independent women. I am thankful for the strong and independent women in my life past, present and future. I am thankful I get to raise strong and independent women. I am thankful I get to stand in my classroom and show my students what that even looks like. Some of them have never even heard of the word let alone see it.

I am grateful that I am over the stage where I apologize for being that woman. I am confident in every decision I make and mostly because I make it with my priorities in tip top shape. To quote a friend, “I am thankful I found my voice.” When she said it I thought, “YES!” I stopped listening to my inner critic and society and the need to shut that woman up and tame her down. I let her speak and say what needs to be said.

I am grateful that when I look in the mirror I am proud of what I see and I know when I go to bed at night I will be proud of what I accomplished. And wake up and do it all again! It may be a little or it maybe a lot. But I did it as a woman. I didn’t dumb down my brain, or giggle it away. Or lower my expectations of others or myself to achieve it.  I didn’t curb it to help soothe any egos.

I did and have always done it on my terms. No one said this is who you need to be or told me I needed to ask. No one demanded that I be who they wanted me to be No wait,  they did. And I either told them no or I realized no one who loves you demands you be who they want you to be. They know who you are and love you anyway.

And how could I forget to be grateful to all those that threatened my discovery of this amazing woman I have become? Yea I know you exist and you are out there. I know even more that you are bothered that I began to speak for myself and be this me. To all of you…. Read between these lines _I_!

I am who I am and I speak up for what I believe in. I do things that change the world and sometimes I elect to just stay in my world. No matter what I do. No one tells me what to do unless I made that decision to give them that power. I am a strong and independent woman and damn proud of it.

And all I can say to that and to my former self is….You have come a long way baby! Be proud. Be grateful and carry on!

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