Warning: Do not black friday shop!

And I am joking. We got up just early enough but not so early that we puked our guts up all over Kohl’s like some people! MommyJargon and I decided to brave the supposed madness and cash in some deals. Both of us hurriedly text last night worried that maybe the lack of a plan meant that the more experienced ones would eat us whole! It just did not happen.

We went to: Kohls, JCPenny’s, Macy’s, All over the beloved mall, and then Carters, shoe carnival and we ate at the mall and were treated a bit like royalty despite eating at a rinky dink fast food place. A place that told us over 100 times (okay exaggerating a little) “our pleasure” to serve you. Wow, just wow!

I have done black Friday exactly one time. It was before kids and with my grandma. It was so fun! I have been scared since until MJ suggested “maybe?” And I agreed. We had so much fun and got some really good deals. Nothing we had to trample anyone for despite being prepared to do just that.

And this….

Really did happen! Despite her hope that it did not post to my facebook account because my phone is an utter piece of crapola! So instead, I am sharing with my blog readers. Besides I am venturing to guess more readers here then there anyway! So Kpuff….what exactly are you doing on that giraffe? We won’t tell anyone I said, “Here, go ride him, so I can take a picture!” And you listened! I even held your loot!

So my advice for all of you maybe black friday shoppers. Don’t do it. Because next year we will take this beast much more seriously and I will knock you down!


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