Just Write: We are here again.

Well dear sweet blog we are here again. I am sitting here overwhelmed by life and my choosing to work full time and go to graduate school. Maybe it is the lengthy papers I have looming in my head that just need the fingers and energy to transform themselves onto the screen. I plug away while I can. but there is just not enough time in the day.

Oh wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh. I am not a whiner but apparently that is what I am doing well today. I woke up with a migraine and the wahhhh started. I now remember how not fun it is to come back to work after a break. Today I matched the kids whine for whine. “I don’t want to be here.” “I know, me either.” “I wish I was home in bed.” “I know me too.”

Say what? Yup I don’t paint the pretty halls of education in dishonesty. We teachers sometimes struggle too. I love my job and love my students. But getting up and going back to it isn’t always fun!

So yea, those papers, they don’t write themselves. I have all the work done for them and even have a few pages into both. But I need some inspiration besides the fire underneath my but with their looming deadlines. And I know the longer I wait the more the quality of my writing drops. But when my other options from writing are being with my girls, sleep and migraine meds to alleviate the headache. The decision is tough.

And yes really what do I have to complain about? I have a tremendous opportunity in graduate school to both attend to be a active member of the community. But wahhh!
So again I find myself making my blog “purdy” and making cookies.

Which is so ironic because just today I gave the lecture to my students about buckling down and doing the work because it needed done and that there is only one way to point A. In my head I am pointing a finger at me. Buckle down and do it Mrs. E.

Oh and I got up at the lovely ol time of 5:30 to work on these papers. So this butt, my butt is tired. So tired I spent the last twenty minutes wahh’ing to you so I didn’t have to sit down and write these papers or at least hunk them out!

Here I sit again…end of the semester. A mountain I must climb. It feels pretty insurmountable. I am not sure what is on  the other side or if I will even make it. I will let you know.


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