Not a whole lot to say tonight.

But heck ya, I am done with one rough draft of one of my papers. I am quite proud of it. Once I put all my “drama” aside (keep in mind my drama was a self created diversion) it was amazing what happened. I sat down and wrote about 8 pages since 7:15.

I have no idea why I fight it so hard other than putting the extra pressure on myself. I am struggling a little bit with the direction because I am not sure it is as focused as it needs to be but I am quite proud of it.

The quick and dirty version of it is I am writing how important it is in teaching in an early college program to have relationships that support the academic environment and the student. And no I am not arguing that it is not happening other places. I just merely am arguing that college curriculum when you are a 9th grader is hard! That the relationship a student has with a teacher has to exist and support that student and my 2nd argument is that it HAS TO BE relevant.

This can and does happen at all levels and I guess I am arguing for some magic potion that may or may not exist. It is so new…who knows but I am excited to be a part of it. And even more excited that I have that rough draft out of the way. So I can work on the next.


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