An open letter to my students…

Dear Students,

I want to tell you this story. A few years ago I was in school (okay more than a few). That was long before ‘google’ and pinterestfacebooktwittertumblrblogsyoutubeandthelistgoesonandonandonand I remember sitting in class wondering, “I wonder what he is like at home?” “Does she read a lot of books?” “I bet he reads all the time.” “Does he kiss his wife?” “Does he eat and stay at school all the time.” “I bet he does.” And the questions could go on and on and on. But I had no google to quick search out my teacher. I had no facebook where I could ponder hmmm is that a tractor and does my teacher like tractors? Or I wonder if she spells her name with 2 e’s or 3? All of that curiosity just had to sit inside of me where I never really had the answer unless I had the guts to ask. More on that later.

And I get that curiosity. It is alarming sometimes to realize that your teacher is a real live human being. And please don’t take this as snark, but I am a real live human being. I am writing this blog specifically for you and then never ever again will I. It probably will not answer all of your questions about your teacher. But at least it will paint a picture enough for you that you will understand when I follow you a little too closely in the hallway and you call me a creeper. That I feel a bit like that when you are following me too closely on the internet.

Mommy Rhetoric is me. However, I DO NOT give you permission to call me that in the hallway or in passing and no you cannot connect to my twitter, or friend me on facebook. You want to know my pinterest account and the answer is still no. If you call me MommyRhetoric you will get the serious teacher face that asks you not to do it again and I expect you to respect that wish. I could give you 100 reasons why, but honestly I am not going to.

I give my students my all and 110% every day from 9-5 and then I come home and often give more. But this is my spot. My place. And no it isn’t about privacy. It is just common courtesy to let me be the writer I have been in this public space for years. Yes ladies and gentlemen I have been a blogger since you were tiny babies in your parents loving arms. But I will promise this. But now for what I am guessing brought you here, you want to know who I am and I want to share it.

*I kind of love Victorian novels, but sometimes they do make me sleepy even my beloved Dickens.

*I adore writing and weird writing prompts. Oh doggies, I am just getting started!

*I hate the Taco Bell…eww nasty. It is NOT Mexican food it is just cheap food.

*Don’t bother correcting my grammatical/spelling errors. I make a ton of them and I am kind of okay with it. I got my English teacher/major brain on too much as it is. I probably won’t fix them any way.

*I occasionally cuss. Yup I said it.

*I don’t live at school. In fact, I usually bolt when you bolt. I come home and work, so I can be with my kiddos. All three girls, whom I adore. If you listen in class…you know this!

*I drive a crappy car, but it gets me there.

*I love, love, love to watch tv. I especially have major issues with bad, bad reality tv. I am talking Housewives stuff. I am embarrassed to even admit I watch it. But I do! :/

*I believe in love. I believe in magic. I believe in hard work. I believe a good attitude changes everything.

*I know being a teenager is hard. That much I remember. I try and remember it when dealing with you.

*Lastly, I promise to always bring my A game. I may not always be in the best mood, or feel good or even have the most fun. But I am here 100%.

In closing,

Read with caution cause what you are getting is real.

P.S. I do kiss my husband! 😉


2 thoughts on “An open letter to my students…

  1. As one of your former teachers, and a friend that heard it through the facebook grapevine that you had gone underground on the blog, I appreciate you taking the time to address your students and the rest of us. I wish I had done something like this years ago. Glad to hear that you still enjoy reading and that the invasion of privacy hasn’t scared you out of teaching. If you can last this long, I’m sure you’ll be with us for the long haul. Keep up the good work!

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