Long time no see, Saturday Sharing Revived!

Well howdy ho there readers. I have been gone for a bit. I don’t know why. Oh wait, yea, I am in graduate school and my weeks are consumed by homework, reading and the other little thing called my family. But I am almost done with both of my papers. I am finally feeling a little like I can breathe and not have to constantly look back and see how things are going.

Food Sharing….

So I have a few sharing things….currently brewing in my crock pot are these makings for these things called Chile Colorado Burritos. I am guessing they are similar to MommyJargon’s pot roast burritos which were a hit with my guy. Not necessarily my baby girls but my guy and I loved them! I am gonna do a pin post on it, so I will update when I can.

I have been making batches and batches of these No Bake Cookies. This is my recipe but I didn’t get it from Pinterest. I actually got it from an Amish cookbook. I live very close to a large population of German speaking Amish and their town (or church can’t remember) publishes a cookbook and I pulled this recipe from there. However, I did have these as a child. Once I saw the recipe in a cookbook the memories came flooding back and I started making them for my kiddos. They love them! Especially #2 who always wants them packed in her lunch. Back when I was trying to keep my milk flowing when I was nursing and pumping for her I ate them a lot because oatmeal boosts breast milk production.

Reading Sharing….

So the fun part about working with young adults is finding out the books that they pass around and read while I am trying to teach them what a state board says they should read. Right now there are a few that are popular.

Unwind by Neal Shusterman is huge. In MommyJargon’s defense she has been telling me to unwindread this one for awhile. It sounds incredibly gross, but interesting. Compound by S.A. Bodeen is one that I purchased at the recommendation of a student for my classroom and the second I placed it one the book shelf a month ago at least five students have read it since. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I am going to try and read a few over Christmas break to check if #1 can read them. She is well into this reading level but I often worry about content for her. But as well, it will help with teacher student dialogue. Plus I love good books. If the kids are reading in class instead of listening then you know it is good book. Unless of course, I assigned it. We are also currently reading Orwell’s “Animal Farm“.

Cool Site Sharing…

Got a fellow university friend that is running a site that asked me to share and I am happy to oblige. Mostly because this idea she had was born out of class on our campus. The fact that she graduated and the idea graduated into what it is…I have to support it. PhantomScribe both on the web and Facebook.

Last but not least sharing…

Looking for a dress today that a teacher wears to her first high school dance as a teacher. This is basically a mini prom for my students. Some teachers said pants and shirt. Others said a dress. I am conflicted. I am just excited to go and see them all dressed in their best.

As well, I am having the hardest time buying Christmas for my kids. The first year I have a full time job and can spoil them and the ideas just aren’t coming. Sure they want stuff but that is just it. It is stuff. I want it to be something they actually want. Not stuff! Clothes are all I have purchased.


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