Attitude Truly Is Everything.

There are a lot repetitive time mantras in my classroom. My students giggle at them because I say them over and over and over. Some like: Be Open and Be Kind. I refuse to allow them to ever say shut up because it is so degrading sounding. I recently have added “redonkulous” because it is a horrible no good word, right?

But one lesson that I teach with the utmost seriousness is that, “Attitude is everything.” Sure it is always something I felt and believed was important and teach it to my girls. In our home we don’t have lots of whining because I really try and teach them to focus on the good. I just never realized how pivotal it was to me until I was teaching for many long hours.


But after many bouts of complaining about tests, quizzes and homework or friends, life or even the weather. I realized that attitude is truly what makes a person. People don’t want to be around a negative Nelly. They don’t want to constantly feel like all someone does is complain. As well, positive attitude gets you places. People like to be around positive people.

And we have to ask ourselves why. I am guessing it is mostly because they see the good in the world. They see the good in people. I would like to think I am one of those people. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments (days, hours and weeks) of sheer negativity or that I just get tired of always being so positive. But usually I have found that most of the negative I tend to dwell in are things I cannot change.


For instance, I have to finish school while working full time and being a full time student. I signed a contract that said I would do just that. I hate that it takes away so much from my family and work. But….I cannot change it.

I hate that sometimes my OCD takes over and I turn into OCD MR and she isn’t always fun to deal with. But at least I am good at recognizing it and giving others a heads up. I also know that it is short lived and based in anxiety not reality.

And no this doesn’t mean my life is a bed of roses. I have had crappy things happen to me, around me and I have done crappy things. But I choose to forgive myself, others and the world. That is an attitude. That is a choice and I make it and choose the good.

Not really sure why it felt important to write this but it did. I was in the grocery today and maybe it was the holiday season or just plain ‘wal-mart rudeness’ but I just got to thinking my life is pretty good. I can choose to be grumpy back or I can choose to smile at them and assume that it could help their day.


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