MR Cooked Something Yummy!

Last night I went to the first high school dance and I never realized just how awkward those things are when you are the kid. As an adult it was so much fun. I had my butt out there dancing. They loved laughing at me, but it got them out there. As well, I believe I have already established myself as a bad dancer. I do it a lot in class. Or attempt anyway!

But to ease the fact that I would be at dance and getting ready for it I made a crock pot meal as promised in yesterday’s Saturday Sharing. I made ‘Chile Colorado Burritos‘ and it had to be one of the easiest meals I have made.

IMAG0192PIN37) You buy stew meat or cube up your preferred cut of meat. Throw all of it into the crock pot and throw in a large can of enchilada sauce. We went with mild for this time and think we could have all handled a little more heat. I would maybe add some chipolte or adobo sauce next time to give some depth. But since this was the first time I was not messing. Then add two beef bouillon cubes. Put the lid on, turn it on low and go for 6-7 hours. I did about 2lbs of meat and just salt and peppered it a little.

Let that baby slow cook all day. It smelled so nice and yummy. You don’t need to do anything with it. But you can go to the store and get what else you need. Buy burrito shells and another large can of enchilada sauce and a can of re-fried beans. I bought soft taco shells for my little peeps and my guy and I just doubled up and had two instead of one large one. You need a bag of cheddar cheese or whatever cheese you prefer.

Once the meat is done shred it and this was super easy as compared to shredding a roast. Then set up an assembly line. Get a shell and schmere re-fried beans on them. Then toss some of your shredded beef on top of the beans. You can be creative here and add whatever it is your like. Peppers, cheese and maybe more enchilada sauce. We went plain first round. Beans and meat. Then roll it up and place it into a oven safe pan.

I warmed up the other can of enchilada sauce and mixed in the leftover sauce that was in crock pot. I didn’t go full tilt with it because the meat made a lot of liquid and it needed tightened and I didn’t want to take time. I let it just reduce in the pan and the heat did the work for me. Then I took a ladle of sauce and put it all over the burritos. Then top with preferred amount of cheese. Then I placed it under the broiler on low for about 10 minutes to melt cheese and have it all come together.

The final product was super yummy! It was so good. My guy raved and was excited for theIMAG0197 leftovers today. #1 came to tell me how good it was. #3 hates burritos or so she says. And #2 was meh about it. In my defense and hers she is ‘meh’ about all food unless it is junk. We just served with chips and re-fried beans topped with cheese on the side.

This recipe is definitely worth making again. It was really cheap and super easy.


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