Sausage Rolls

I do believe Sausage Rolls are a Northern Indiana thing. They love their sausage rolls up here. I have lived in Indiana for most of my life minus about 18 months of my life and I never had one or heard of one till I met my guy.

Then when you come up here everyone says of various restaurants, “Oh they have  the best sausage rolls.” And usually they do. I admittedly don’t love sausage. I actually hated it till pregnant with # 3 then I kind of craved it like A LOT and then after she was born I eat it more than I did.

My family loves it. There is one problem with sausage rolls. They are boring. They are just a pizza type dough with pizza sauce and sausage wrapped in a ball of dough. And because I can never leave any recipe along I tinker with my recipes till they are less boring to me.

I made them tonight because they are fairly easy to throw together and I was quite proud of the finished product. And I realized that I basically made a pizza ball. But whatever….they were good. So want me to share the recipe?

Buy the Pillsbury thin crust dough (or whatever you prefer…sometimes I will go all out and do from scratch). Then buy breakfast sausage and squeeze out of casing or break up the patties. I do that because it doesn’t have heat that regular tube (that sounds so gross) of sausage has. Breakfast sausage is usually seasoned with just salt and pepper.

Get one can of Chef Boyardee but mostly because that is a preference of ours. Spoon cooked sausage into dough. Pour preferred amount of pizza sauce on the sausage. Now in a typical sausage roll you would seal that puppy up. In mine, I add whatever we like. Tonight it was just cheese but sometimes we will do mushrooms or pepperoni.

Then seal them and then I butter and sprinkle them with garlic salt and lightly tap Parmesan cheese or pizza cheese on them. Then bake on 375 for 25-30 minutes and eat. I like a little of the warmed sauce on the side. So yummy.


And if you are as lucky as I am….You have helpers….

IMAG0198IMAG0199Sorry for the blurry shots, they are on my phone.


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