Saturday Sharing….

Sorry guys, I was on hiatus. I was dealing with some huge issues at work. I needed one hundred percent focus on that and my family. So……Here I am.

Last weekend sharing….

mj3So last weekend MommyJargon and I went away for our annual Christmas shopping getaway. We started it last year and continued it this year. Remember I had some long rambley post about my anxiety and the trip. Amazingly, there were none of those issues this year and it really let me let my guard down and relax. Maybe it was because we went to my old stomping grounds and it felt more familiar.

We kind of even went without a real plan of attack. We just decided to get a hotel in this area and shop till we were sick of it there and matriculate out. Well the matriculating did not happen. This mall area is incredible and we didn’t even come close to going to every store we wanted too. And we shopped hard.

But a few of the highlights of our shopping trip were good enough to talk about. First, at Tiffany and Co. a place that had a waiting list for shoppers to talk to their representatives. A list that was carried by a guard at the store and that let us pass by without asking us if we needed added to the list. So I guess they were making assumptions. It was only on our way out a guard recognized MommyJargon’s Detroit Redwings sweatshirt and made small talk.

Then the going rate for normal every day clothes at this mall was 300-400 dollar shirts that I found similar the next day at Kohls for a 10-12 bucks and even cheaper with my 20% coupon. It was neat to see the things and people we saw at this mall. I think at one point MJ said, “This is how the other half lives.” Even the food court was ‘high class’. Not that that is a bad thing. It is just so different than what a normal Indiana mall has. We FRY everything and we don’t serve lentils in a regular rotation.

sammyBut no worries there was plenty of bad food to be had. Especially when we visited the Cheesecake Factory which was straight out of Las Vegas if  you ask me. TALL, GRAND and INDULGENT surroundings. And maybe that is how they are every where. It has been years since I have been to one, but I know I would remember that kind of set up and I completely do not remember that kind of grandness! But the food was so yum! And even if my fries felt a little fancily served I still remember I was a born and breed Hoosier.

A cool store we did find (well there were a few I will share) was Hot Mama. A store we originally passed thinking MATERNITY. But after seeing the mannequins in scantily clad chemises we did a u-turn. Okay not really, we just realized there models were not pregnant. They had some really expensive stuff but their sale rack was fairly awesome! I didn’t buy anything, but I wanted too. I just couldn’t find anything. And then there was Madewell which was an extremely awesome store and pretty much how I dress. I wear fairly muted colors, suttle designs and earthy tones. Plus they had some super cool toys for kids. I did buy something there to stick in the kiddos stockings. 😉  I also think MJ thwarted a shop lifter there. The girl dropped something out of her purse. A purse which I noticed was considerably mj2empty except for rows and rows of earrings, jewelry and bracelets. She dropped a hair thing and MJ gave it back to her. She acted goofy and then abruptly wanted to get out of line and leave. West Elm was a super cool store. Think Crate and Barrel meet and marry Pottery Barn and had a baby. West Elm would be it. It was a fun store, too! And last but not least Urban Outfitters was a super fun store that all kinds of ‘adult’ stuff. And I don’t mean adult like that. I mean adult like bad words, gifts that make you laugh and they had cool hipster clothing. I could have spent hours in that store looking at everything, but it was super packed. And I don’t play well with others so a quick buzz through and a few giggled shared between MJ and I and we moved on vowing to come back at a less busy time.

Food Sharing…

In the face of all that luxury I suppose you can say we found our way back to our roots withmj dinner at Friday’s. Where the food seemed fairly Hoosier like (or American I suppose). We had the most awesome spinach flatbread that was smothered in cheese that I ‘deconstructed’ (MJ’s words all weekend I am a deconstructionist on the food). But the best part of the evening was MJ and I placing mint leaves on our teeth and talking because you gotta be super cool to pull that off and we did. We both  had really good meals here too! I would definitely eat there again. Although our first pick of P.F. Changs was a one and half hour wait.

But I must admit there was nothing better than the breakfast we had the next day at Cafe Patachou and their broken egg sammy was one I have been making at home for years. Who would have thought making a restaurant out of it would work so well?  But it does and they do that by luxurious breakfasts that make you feel comfort and goodness. So much so I served Cafe Patachou sammys for dinner last night at home just to recreate the yumminess! Down to their perfect cinnamon toast. All recipes I will share eventually!

And today I doing Christmas shopping with my guy. Now who wants to venture to guess it will not be as fun as it is with MJ? Who wants to guess how many fights we get into? He is so simplistic in shopping for girls. Just get it and go. I gotta think about present sizes, amounts of money I have spent on each one and proportion it all so it looks equal. He just says, “Are we done?”


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4 thoughts on “Saturday Sharing….

  1. I love West Elm and wish I could afford it. I’ve been wanting to go to a Madewell store. I didn’t even know we had one around here. 🙂 Thanks for the info.

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