Saturday Sharing…

So things have been lazy around the ole MR homestead. Two snow storms, a car accident, syllabizing for the three classes I am teaching this upcoming semester and just hanging out with my baby girls. It sounds busy, but it has been a slow and steady (even lazy sometimes) pace.

I did get in a car accident but I am okay. Grateful because it could have been much worse than it was. We have spent most days trying to figure out if our car is worth repair or if I am due a new one. But sounds like it is worth more fixed and then we will do a trade in. I dread  a car payment again, but I am taking the accident, the multiple small car issues as a sign it is probably just time for something a little more reliable given my drive to work.

Movie Sharing….

So MJ and I went to the movie last night. I am such a sucker for Judd Apatow and his movies. I love Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy and these two kill it in this movie. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. The outtakes at the end of the movie were so worth sticking around for. MJ and I laughed most of the way home courtesy of MM. So anyway…Here is the trailer. I wish I could say I couldn’t relate but I so can. There are parts of this I am quite sure came from my marriage.

And this is Melissa McCarthy Clip…another movie MJ and I giggle about still.

And the girls and I want to go see Parental Guidance with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. We have made our way to the movies a bit more since I got a job. Although, we have a a movie theatre in the little town by us that is cheap. That is kinda nice!

Recipe Sharing…

Today on Food Network there is what Pioneer Woman dubbed a PW block. A short mini marathon I call it. The breakfast episode has me hungry and googling her recipes. The first was her iced coffee. And you know what MJ makes a stellar iced coffee. I don’t drink it all that often but whenever I am at her house I kindly ask for it. And PW’s Eggs Benedict.Something I know I would just love, but I have never made. I may just have to try it soon! And her breakfast burritos to go. NOM NOM! I don’t make all that many recipe’s of PW, but she certainly inspires me to cook which my family enjoys.

And lastly, my favorite potato soup recipe is this one. I was thinking of it cause my mother in law was asking me about it. And because I cannot stand to leave anything alone I change it. I do not throw everything together while the potatoes boil. I saute onion and celery in butter and add then after the potatoes boil I add them to stock and cream cheese stuff. Sot it is more a base. I also don’t add red pepper. Mostly cause my family wouldn’t touch it then.

Germaphobe Sharing…

Found a cool social networking site to add to my germaphobe issues. Also know as You should go now! They look at your social networking feeds, and illness trends in different areas and keep you aware of what is going on in your area.


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