A walk down memory lane…

Because I need a time sucker in my life. But it was a welcome one. Before we started trying for Ashley I became a part of this internet community of women. Most of them were similar in age and stages of life and even more so many of them (at least 15 to 20) are a part of my current life. We stay in contact via facebook, snail mail and even seeing each other.

But today I got ahold of the internet archived address of my journal. So old school it was a journal because blogging didn’t exist. But I now have official proof I have been at this for a long time. I love the obvious of seeing myself grow and change as a mother and wife and seeing just how far I have come.

But more than anything I love seeing the reminder that me. This me…the writer me has always existed in some form or another. I took it one step further and made my life about writing. And even more so I am the cusp of teaching my most favorite thing. Creative writing. It has been life changing for me to pursue this.

I never wanted to become a famous novelist or write for the most popular newspaper. I wanted to write every day in my own terms about things I love. Now I get to do that, I get paid for it. And I get to share that love and passion with my students.

It is hard for me to not give loads of credit back to this amazing community I was a part of so long ago. I started it on a whim and it was me. I have loved it since and it was my driving force to follow my dreams. All of them!




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