MommyJargon and the Precious Gift

So after agreeing not to buy each other gifts for Christmas, my husband surprised me with an ipad.

Sure I cheated too.  I bought him cute little animal cable ties to make running all the cables for our TVs and computers fun, and I bought him special silly putty that cleans keyboards.

I spent a whopping ten bucks.

I got over my petty fairness issued pretty quickly though.  Because ipads are cool.

So cool that I have taken to have fake tummy aches just so I can steal the ipad and lock myself in the bathroom with it instead of sharing it with my 4 year old, who has developed some sharing issues of his own too.

So cool that when I carry it around the house I look like I am hugging it.

So cool that I often sleep with it next to me on my night stand.

My husband has taken to calling it “My Precious” while imitating Gollum’s voice.


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