The writer in me…

The writer in me has essentially died. She is sad, withered and screaming to come out. I wrote a lot last year between grad school and just good old fashioned notebook to paper writing. But that isn't me. I am a blogger through and through and have been rocking the internet writing gig since 1999 (and no I am not kidding).

But my career path makes it harder for me to blog. There are probably three days out of the week that I think, "Screw it" and want to blog and I do. Then little Johnny creeper finds it and repeats it in class. Or worse I get to see a screen shot on their ipads. I choose a public position. But I also hate that parts of my life can no longer be private. So I guess today is the a screw this day. But I will remain committed. 

You know why? I tried doing it more anonymously as Living Jane's Life. Didn't work. I tried doing through other's blogs. Didn't work. I am back as MommyRhetoric because I am MommyRhetoric. I always have been and always will be. 

I am gonna do what I can to protect myself. I see other teachers who blog daily. I went with a totally different blogging platform, changed it upHello-im-back-again so it isn't as easy to find me. But I am realistic. These kids are damn freaking smart, so they probably will. But I guess I will censor work stuff as best as I can. Anyway…

Writing for me is a neccesity. Blogging for me is a lifeline. I love to blog. I love that people can connect to what I write. I also love that it gives me an outlet in a way that notebook and paper do not. However, this past year of my writing was not all bad.

I came into clear focus with a character in my writing. Let me introduce you to her. Sophie…meet internets. Internets met Sophie. Sophie has long been a friend of mine that I have written about since high school. In college she resurfaced. While my creative writing students were developing their own voices and words I, too, came into my own in ways never thought possible. So the break was good. 

But I am back baby! And right now I am rocking caffiene that I want to give up like a mofo, a small tub of hummus and pita chips. I can do this. I hope you will come along for the ride because it is time….AGAIN!

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