Let me tell you about this woman.

In August of 1998 I went to a wedding with my guy. It was our first weekend away as a serious engaged couple. I hadn't spent a ton of time with my future in laws and I had not been around my guy's extended family. My guy was in the wedding and I remember feeling so nervous because I knew that he would be busy doing wedding party stuff and I would be left with people I didn't really no. But the thing was…I loved him. I already agreed to marry him just a few months before. So I did it. 

While there I met quite a few of my guy's high school buddies. One of them was his high school buddy and college roomate and his new wife. Let's see, we will call them Mr. and Mrs. Puff. As in KPuff all of you blog readers. You know her right? Anyway we were walking around and sitting at a table kind of close to her guy sat a girl in a navy blue dress with white polka dots. They introduced us and she looked as out of place as I was. We cordially talked for a bit comparing notes on weddings. Her voice was quiet and sweet. I mistook that quiet nature for no interest in me WHATSOEVER! I made a rush judgement and never really thought about it again. 

That is until the #1's Halloween class party and I was room mom. I needed cupcakes and low and
Kpuff behold whose name do I see? The Puffs. I told my guy I wasn't sure if I should call her, but she signed up to send in treats. So I did. I called her and the treats came in. A few months later our girls wanted a play date. So we did one, or two or maybe even three. 

One time she inched into my house a little and we started talking. I invited her to sit on my couch and chat and I can honestly say we have pretty much not stopped talking since. Since then we have added in one kiddo each, full time jobs, lots of sweat and tears and ups and downs. But one thing is for certain and that is she has always been there for me.

I grew up with a mom that had very close girlfriends that I often thought of as extentions of my own mother, so I always wanted that. I wanted that for my kids, for myself and to just make life better. It also isn't bad considering my own family lives a few hours in every direction. Now we are inseparatable and sure we have our moments. But I love her like a sister and truthfully am closer to her than my sisters. 

And oh the posts I could fill talking of our escapades. We take these weekend getaways, we have
58432_581592871632_8275363_nshopped till we have dropped and got up and done it all again. We have hit each other in a self defense class and we have discussed so many bodily functions that it makes me a little sick. Not her though, she always gently reminds me she is a nurse and can handle it. And tattoos. And the IBS. And peeing of the pants. And the tears. All of it. 

And tonight I thought of this post because I went to google myself and I find it hilarious that there in the google cache sat a pic of me and my Kpuff. That isn't irony. That is just life. She is a huge part of my life. We always find a way to intermingle it, no matter what we are doing. So much so I can (and so can my family) always tell when I haven't seen her in a while. 

But what I love about her most is she is always encouraging me and making me want to do and be better. I know because of her I can do things I never thought I could. Whether it be to finish college, have a baby that had the possibility of being sick, deal with OCD, Deak with the Italian and get passed that darn lady tying her shoe. 

You know those bored weekend that you sit around wondering what to do? Yea me either. When I am bored I text her and we do. We do shopping, watching a show (WHITE QUEEN, anyone?), family play dates, trying out a new restuarant or not in case it was sketchy looking. And oh the gab. Can we talk?

So in the words of Tumblr "Thank you for being my unbiological sister." Love you! 


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