Just Write Installment # 2

Gb67Dear # 3, you read a book to me this weekend. Your first book you have ever read word for word. I will never forget what that moment was like for you or your sisters. It is just a small moment in a bag full of firsts of your life. 

There is never one that is as sentimental as that one for me though. The love of reading is one that does so much for your life. Most of it I cannot even try and attempt to put into words. All the moments we have spent sitting down reading a book and "just one more, Momma" you would say. 

I know that when this moment comes things start happening and changing. Sure you will love to sit down and read with me but it will be less and less. I will hold and cherish those moments that

we read with great love "Good Night Moon" and "Pinkalicious".

And no matter how many times I tried to read you my favs, "There was an old lady who swallowed a (FILL IN THE BLANK)" you never could sit through the whole thing. I would read away with the silly voices and mimicking the behaviors and you would be off playing pretend with Mickey and Minnie. 

But nothing was better for either of us than when we cuddled in the chair and I used my finger and pointed as you read word for word, "Dog is hot. Pig is not." You beamed with pride when you realized you got it. 

So proud of you baby girl # 3. Keep it up. I am one lucky Momma! 



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