Just Write # 3 I am me.

Blogging when your brain is tired is not recommended. What I wanted to blog about in a few quick statements. 

I guess I am a mystery. I have heard about five times in the last two weeks that people cannot figure me out. But maybe I don't want to be figured out. But I think it is less for the reasons you may think. It is me, not you. Maybe you caught me in a moment of contemplating. Or I was insecure. Or I was just taking it all in. But it was probably me just listening. I am working on real listening lately. Not that fake shake your head and say, "Uh-huh" stuff. The all out I am gonna validate everything you just said to me listening. I must get better at that. 

But I am not a mystery. In fact, I am anything but. But in case you still think that there is probably a few things you should know. I am all that below and I waiver on nothing. I know where at every moment I stand. I pray every day I keep that fire and drive and I don't the world change me. But so far it has not. I also try and love those I love truthfully, with kindness and caring. But no one said it better than this Aristotle quote and to be honest I am not convinced Aristotle said it and if I googled it I think I would find that out. It doesn't sound very Aristotlian. YES THAT IS A WORD!



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