One Last Thing #1

A few months ago I cooked up this idea for an anonymous blog. I have since obviously reconsidered that because I have been, always will be Mommy Rhetoric. Anyway the title was going to be "One Last Thing" and it would be solely dedicated to accomplishing one last thing. 

Many, many times in my life I have had others tell me I can't do something or I shouldn't do something. Or even they are goals I have set for myself. I have without any hesistation been able to accomplish each and everyone of them.

But there a few random ones out there that eat at me. They make me a little crazy because I cannot conquer them fully. The biggest one ties into the Less of Me series I am sure most of my readers remember. The fights I had with myself skinny self and fat self. Now I would never call myself fat. But the fat me does. 

That has always been a thorn in my side and I have made so many wonderful strides in working on it and then life just changes. I start a new job, I get horribly sick after a surgery or I have a simply absolutely ridiculous addiction to caffiene that I cannot kick. 

All of those are what they are. Excuses. They are the things that keep me from accomplishing that one last thing. To be honest that peeves me off. I hate not feeling in control of my own life. So since this past summer have been researching, educating and talking with experts on ways I can lop off the last of this weight. 

I did so well with the workouts and understand the physical aspects of my weight and how to lose it.
Tumblr_mn457mmzRe1qkxrtro1_500 But what I have never been good at is the eating aspects. I am so darn picky. For a few reasons and the biggest is my dairy intolerance and second is yea I have IBS and I work in front of an audience all day long so frequent bathroom trips = not good.

Diets or changing diets scares me. I also never want to do a fad diet. Sure I have tried a few. None of them have overly impressed me. I love food and I have a great relationship with it. I don't eat overly junky. Since I had my girls I have really cleaned up my family's diet.

However, I have a massive love for pop. Not even love at this point. It is a necessity. A necessity that is slowly killing me, my health and many other things too. I mean I spend most of my days in the ebb and flow that pop provides. That means a peak and crash followed by another peak and another crash. 

Finally, I have came up with a plan to kick my caffiene addiction to curb. I also have found out that my body is stupid and retaining fluids unnaturally and have a "plan" to combat that too. None of this will be easy. Or completed with out support of my family and friends. But it is possible to tackle this one last thing. 

To be  the less of me I know I can be. I have demonstrated my own will in many other aspects of my life. So it is time to do it here. I am not saying I will ever be able to officially call this battle won. Right now I don't feel good because I am not taking the best care of myself. That is my goal in this. I am less hung up on saying, "I weigh ______" and more hung up on saying, "I feel better because I decided to put myself first." 

The good news is that is happening. It is happening right now as we speak. I have consulted experts. I have made the decisions and I lined up my support. And on this journey I will eliminate this one last thing. 


One Last Thing is a series all about self empowerment where I tackle the things I never thought I could do or would do. To read more click here. 

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