One Last Thing # 2

“So early in my life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise.” ― Malcolm XThe Autobiography Of Malcolm X

One last thing I forgot to tell you in my last round of "One Last Thing" is that I am doing something about it. Originally, I had intended on sharing with no one. That was for two reasons with the first being that I didn't want others opinions of what I was doing and the second because I am not 100% I can succeed which could lead to embarrassing myself. 

But I have since changed my mind because the closer this "thing" came around the more I realized I am gonna need a whole lot of support. I also realized it will also give me a chance to keep it real (aka be accountable). I have always done that in person and in the internets. So what is it you ask that I am doing, right?


I am doing Advocare's 24 Day Challenge. About 6 months ago I started hearing a lot about it. I also talked with my doctor about it and their program, Ideal Protein. Both were very similiar. He had nothing but wonderful things to say about the program. There was one downfall though. Both were a time and financial committment. 

As well, I had to wrestle with my own beliefs on dieting. I don't do fad diets. I have in the past and I hate the way they make me emotionally and psychologically feel about myself. A huge part of losing and gaining weight will always be psychological for me. As well, toying with my diet means toying with my head as in migraines. I pretty much can trigger a migraine by peeing at different times in my day. So imagine my fear when I don't eat normal or drink normal. 

But the buzz I was hearing on both programs both from users and experts (doctors and nutritionist) were saying these programs were legit and more about a body reset and change than a fad calorie count type of thing. I had no interest in that AT ALL. I began discussing it with my guy who is leary of everything and had him check them out and he came to similar conclusions as myself. 

I just kind of sat on it for a few and finally I think my Advocare person I was checking out realized I was getting nosy into the program and contacted me. We talked about my concerns and then I sat on it even longer. Then school started and my caffiene/pop intake tripled. I am currently feeling so sluggish and unable to get through a day without multiple cans of pepsi. 

I am not okay with that. I have tried to give it up by myself and cannot. I also am having horrible acid reflux all day from the constant carbonation. It just so happened I had an doctor's appointment a week ago and we could revisit and he convinced me I would feel 100x better going with one of these programs. 

I knew I couldn't do it alone and I begged KPuff to come along with me because I needed someone to comiserate with. She and I often tackle tough things like this together and I know she has been feeling similarly to myself lately. 


We committed and ordered the expensive product. I have been even more intimidated since it arrived but I am ready to try it. I am ready to commit myself to this for 24 days. 24 days is not a long time. I also have really tied this into the fact that my birthday is in a little more than 30. I deserve this. I deserve to feel better and tackle this one last thing

There are two major concerns I have but I have talked to multiple people about them and I feel fairly confident that I can handle them. That is the kickback headache that will surely happen from the caffiene and sugar addiction. This can and will likely turn into a migraine for me. My doc seems to think it will be a manageable one. As well as others who have tried it agreed they are manageable. The second is my IBS. I have lived my whole life with IBS and it isn't all that teacher friendly. If this causes a flare up I will have issues. But again I have heard everyone say just the opposite. 

The worst thing that will happen is I lose a little weight and realize the product won't work for me because of my headaches and IBS. The best thing that could happen is I relieve myself of this caffiene addiction, I feel better and I lose some weight.

It is worth a try for me. The money has been spent. All I have to do now is dedicate myself to it and I plan to blog through out. So wish me well. 


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