Day # 1 Or the Day My Insides Cried

I was eager and excited to start this new adventure. So excited in fact that I stayed up till midnight with my guy and KPuff and had a horrible no good for me dinner, a glass of wine and a can of pepsi. I woke up and was anxious to start this. #2 was anxious for me too. I am not sure what she thought
566a815d9764574d37792bdd39d52281 would happen but I can tell she wants to be extra supportive, so I had a challenge partner in her. 

I had an mandarin Spark and it was okay. I am not a huge orange person, so it was good. But I did take comfort in having caffiene and felt a little more able to cope with the day ahead of me because of it. Soon after it was time for the fiber drink. And I am gonna be honest here…FIBER DRINK SUCKS! It is so thick and so just ick. I watered it down and guzzled down a full 8 right beside it with each gulp. I only heaved and swallowed it back three times. # 2 had quite a giggle fest from that. 

Eventually it was time to eat. Thank goodness for Pinterest and hardboiled eggs. I couldn't even do all I was supposed to for my breakfast because of the darn fiber drink I am guessing. So I saved my peach for my morning snack. After that morning snack it became a bit more of a struggle. I think my body realized it was not getting it cans of pop. I jumped in a hot shower and that helped. 

By the time I was ready it was time to spark again and this time I had the fruit punch and I loved it and had no problem guzzling that down. About a half an hour later it was time to have some salmon and quinoa and broccoli. It was okay. I am not in love with salmon but thought I would try it. 

Soon after that I started feeling pretty sluggish and tired so I climbed into bed and took a snooze. Not bad, just sluggish. My addiction is bad so I was expecting this. It isn't the product it is my poor beverage choices. 

Unfortunately, after this I grew pretty uncomfortable and had massive bloating. I worried the cleanse part of the this thing would strike because of IBS and it did. The darn fiber drink is a struggle and I knew it would be. But it did settle down and I am okay. 

Time for another snack so I had some nuts. Emerald makes some awesome options here that are natural and good for you. So I had one of those and a few grapes. I felt like I needed the sugar. 

DietAnd because it is a rainy sunday and my #3 looked so cozy I climbed in bed and cuddled her and took yet another snooze. But I liked it and could. 

And now to dinner. I am making salsa chicken a recipe I got from one of my FB friends who is a clean eater. Basically, baked chicken with salsa poured on it. My salsa is natural and has no sugars or anything extra that sometimes can sneak in there. That was a treat to find. I am making enough for lunch tomorrow at work too. I am going to have a lettuce taco without cheese and with black beans. I am actually kinda excited for it. 

Overall, I am not gonna lie the hours of 2-4 were very hard. I contemplated if I could really do this. My stomach hurt and my head was hurting. But a nap with my girl gave me some perspective. It isn't that bad. Yea I don't feel the best, but I also feel better than I do every single day since I have been battling my pepsi issue. Therefore, I know I can do this. 

I know it could drastically change tomorrow. I imagine day 2 and 3 to be the hardest. But I think it will help being at work. I will have less time to think about it and dwell in what I am not having. I will also not have the girls foods tempting me. 

Wins for the day: 

  • No pop
  • Currently holding steady at 90 oz of water
  • I don't feel near as bad as I thought I would
  • My guy is an excellent support although he thinks hugs and kisses make it better
  • I love Spark and see it as an alternative to ever going back to pop or coffee
  • My # 2 is making a diary of this and that is just super cool
  • I am one step closer to a non-caffienated me which is the ultimate goal

Losses for the day: 

  • Upset stomach that disrupted my plans to take my girls to movie
  • Upset stomach that I can't have tomorrow
  • I really do want a pepsi
  • Slight headache
  • And the fact that I hate water…no I really hate water
  • And that nasty no good fiber drink

My insides may be crying, but they certainly weren't jumping for joy with all that sugar and caffiene from pop. I know I just gotta get through this and I know I have been through worse. Remember me after my surgery. The mystery illness that lasted for a little shy of two months. Yea that was feeling like dirt and muck! I am not there. In fact, I am not even close to there. 


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