Day #2 And the Big Oh No!

Well today's post will be short and sweet mostly because the details are well I will let you be the judge. I did all the stuff I was supposed to do and the rumbles started. Thank goodness for a 2 hour delay. 

I ate an excellent breakfast of 2 hardboiled eggs and a banana. The rumbles continued. But finally settled by the time I got to school. I determined to lay off the fiber part of this all that it was just aggravating the IBS too much. I followed the rest to a T. 

I have to be honest. I feel good. Not exactly I feel great. I don't really want to say how much I
Stomachache_l have lost at this point because I am worried it is "water" weight given the circumstances. I love the program but I am struggling with the side effects. 

I did really good till almost through the whole day today and then again with the rumbles. I feel and looked visibly ill. I love what it is doing for my body and but I am struggling with what it is doing to it at times. 

I am not wanting to quit nor will I. But I am trying to figure out how I can get it to be the "gentle" cleanse. But I expected as much. My body always reacts very indifferent when challenged.

I ate left over salsa chicken tacos for lunch and tonight had spaghetti squash spaghetti. I am not eating near enough I know. But I am trying. I cannot eat enough fruit or veggies to save my life. But I am trying.

So wins for today

  • I stuck it out and don't want to quit even though IBS is trying to rule
  • I just told my students the truth and I got overwhelming support and love 
  • Girls are quite proud of me
  • No pepsi for day 2
  • Tons of water was drank by me
  • I feel amazing

Losses for the day

  • Too many bathroom trips
  • Stomachaches 
  • I stand in front of 30 kids at a time for most of the day which proves interesting with a stomach ache

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