Day # 3 and “The Thrill is gone”

Anyone know that song? Well I do. I have had an awesome day by slimming down on the fiber. My stomach was settled all the live long day. But my brain is finally realizing it is in absolute detox. I am also calling this the day my brain freaked out because I am thinking about food I don't even eat normally. 

The two requirements I have for my cravings are fattening and disgusting but I am craving them even though I don't want them? Go figure. The two that are legit are pepsi and pizza. Luckily, I have held strong. I drank my water. I ate my fruit. I ate my little slice of protein. To be honest, the thoughts are in my head. But I have no motivation to want any of my food. 

I did do just one spark today so that probably didn't help with over all lethargia and just general meh. I would like to not need the spark at all and I think that possible. I just gotta put my mind to it. 

My eating was clean and good today. No junk even though I am seeming to be having a love affair with junk in my head. It is more about can't have I believe. You tell me I can't and I will convince you I can. 

Wins for Today

  • Doing this with someone else because I know she feels exactly like me today (a little more grumpy, tired and hungry)
  • The fact that I can text her and know she feels like me and support each other through it
  • Water, water and more water
  • 1 Spark 
  • The four students who went out of their way to check on me today because of this and offering encouragement and "I am proud" of yous
  • No stomachaches

Losses for Today

  • Where is my energy?
  • Random food brain for the fattiest, grossest things that I don't normally eat

Still hanging in there and not even contemplating giving in or up or however you put it. I am in it for the long haul. And I march on two day 4….. 


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