Days 4-5 Awwww Yeahhhh!

Days 4-5 went much more smoothly than three. I even had parent teacher conferences (otherwise known as the longest day ever in the teacher's contract year) and we had some awesome food brought by our PTO. It was so amazing. But I had salad. Salad, no dressing. But you know what? I ate lots of it and it was yummy! 

It was hard but also easy. It showed me that I have way more power over this than I ever thought I could or did. I am not really drinking spark. Sometimes I will sip a little but usually not. I am still me. The kids (my students) have been shocked by just how much I am "normal". I crack up them today. 

Although I have been getting lots of jokes about being grumpy when I am asking for them to just be quiet. Ha! 

Anyway feeling good. Eating clean. Moving onto day 6. Holla!!!!


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