Day 7 – A way of life.

Alright a day worth blogging. I skipped day 6 because it was pretty uneventful. I would say the hardest part about this figuring out foods good for school and going to the grocery. My options this week were wonderful but ran out toward the end of the week at school. So I found myself just not eating so as to not "give in" to my old ways. Thankfully, my school had a fairly clean meal on Friday because it was the break I needed. The choices were healthy and a change of pace from my stuff from home. 

If I haven't made myself clear, let me do that. My goal here is less about weight loss. First things first I had a horrible, horrible caffiene addiction. A few years back I got extremely active and physical and lost a ton of weight. Then I started my current job and I needed caffiene bad to function as a graduate student, mom, wife and teacher. I got myself into such a rut.

F04b8741c5723bcf64b529df94e3cb83Finally I decided at the end of the year I decided to try and kick the habit myself. I had done it in the past for my pregnancies and because I didn't like how reliant on it I was. But August rolled around and I still NEEDED it. I was embarrassed because I told my co-workers I was giving it up and I didn't. 

Then I started school and it was day after day of crash, sugar high, crash and sugar high. Throw in the headaches from that and my own psychological need for caffiene and sugar and I knew I had to do something. And here I am. I am on day 7 of my changing my life with a product I believed I could use to help me eliminate the caffiene. And now I am on day two without an ounce of caffiene in my body. 

THAT IS HUGE!!! When my co-workers heard me talking about my pop need they said I sounded like an addict. And I did because I was. During my weight loss journey a few years ago I changed our eating habits. Some of it was because I was trying to eat and live better, most of it was because Kyle had heart issues. We spent New Years Eve in the hospital thinking he was having a heart attack. He ended up having cardiomegaly which is basically an enlarged heart. Since then we have been very committed to a healthy eating life. 

We don't feed our girls nor eat a lot of processed foods ourselves. I am proud to say my girls are veggie lovers even the green ones. In fact, they love the green ones. So I knew my weight not going down was from the pop I was consuming. It could easily be a 24 pack in a week. I am embarrassed to say this, but it is the truth. 

I know I will never go there again. But what Advocare and this attention to this has helped me to do is pay more attention to what I am buying, what I am consuming and deciding if I am really hungry. I am realizing half of the time I am really just thirsty. 

I cannot say that after the 24 day challenge is over that I will be skinny and sexy. In fact, I am not sure I will ever say that because I have never really been all that worried about it. My guy has always known me this size or bigger and he thinks I am pretty sexy. 

I do know though that it has created a thinker in me. Today we went to the movies and I was hungry. I was bummed because I hadn't been to the store yet. I was so scared that once I was there I would be tempted to eat junk. The kids all got their favorite candy. But I relented. Then I saw they had another option for me…. GOPICNIC meals. Have you seen these? I have had them before but they have new meaning now. It was so yummy and I felt just as satisfied as I would have with m& m's or popcorn. 

The question remains will I be one of those annoying healthy people that shove it down your throat? NO. I think everyone is beautiful and the choices they make are their choices. I don't want anyone to tell me there was a better way than Advocare for me. Because it worked and I feel great. That is NOT something I thought would happen when I gave up caffiene because in the past when I have I feel horrible. I have felt great every single day. That is amazing to me. 

Wins for Today

  • Realized I love hummus even more than I thought I already did
  • Admitted I kind of love Almond Milk and Raisin Bran with added Flax Seed
  • I can be strong in the face of strong smelling movie popcorn
  • I miss my water during the school day

Losses for Today

  • Honestly none. 

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