Catch Up!

Oh life, you make things so difficult. I love writing in my blog and I love to update on the goings on in my life. But I must realize I have massive amounts of grading, students and a very full time job! That doesn't even count my first priorities of my family. Therefore, I don't get here near regular enough. But I am not gonna apologize. I will just give you a list of all that has been going on.

  • End of the nine weeks
  • I assigned a 2 page paper to all 135 of my students
  • I also had a gigantic novel test to grade for 100 of them
  • I had all of that ridiculous grading to do
  • Plan for my new novel Great Expectations which is no small novel nor is it easy to teach to 9th graders
  • I had massive amounts of differiation to do for one class and a total stray off of my regular classes
  • And my student pubs class that I am trying to publications actually out…GEEZ!
  • Two really late nights at school one intentional and one unintentional
  • Oh and I have three kids who do piano lessons and dance and spell bowl and now FAME stuff
  • Add in a round of suspected whooping cough for # 3, sinus issue # 345 for #1 and a fever for # 2 
  • And a teacher issue with one of my kiddos  teachers who I disagreed with at every level  (never had that happen before so it was a weird place to trespass
  • My guy's own police reserve schedule or football schedule fill in the blank of what else
  • A diet that requires massive amounts of grocery planning and shopping

Umm I am busy.  This is most certainly not a list of I am so busy feel sorry for me. It is just insane how much ground I cover in an average week. I am quite happy at this point in my life and have no complaints. 

“Busy is good because it shows
you’re alive.” 
― Alison G. BaileyPresent Perfect

Albeit kind of sad that today I had to stay home with two fever girls and I accomplished massive amounts and I feel like I deserve a medal and have resisted the urge to post every single accomplishment on my facebook. Because really my natural every day is an accomplishment and I wonder why I am so tired. 

And then you get a sick kid and it all starts to slow down. Take me to Saturday. My baby girl # 3 woke up early early like 6 am. She woke up as I was passing through starting a load of laundry and muttles "Momma, I just don't feel good." That has never happened. Then I heard her cough. I knew a trip to stat care would be in our future. She was treated for what I thought would be the croup, but ended up being a suspected case of whooping cough despite vaccinations against said illness. 

And you wonder how that happens right? Well apparently because so many in our community have decided against vacinnating their children I guess it has caused several cases to happen where a child has caught it despite vacinnation. We had to send swab off to the state to confirm. I am not sure how all that works but I guess because she is due for booster soon it left her suspectible. 

If it is that, I must admit it was horrid the first day or two but it hasn't been much worse than a really bad cough/cold combo. The first day she wouldn't move or do anything. No eating at all. Only drank because we forced it. But slowly but surely she has perked back up. 

So yea, I have been busy. Blogging just hasn't been my gig as of late. I have a few blogging ideas sloshing around in there but I gotta make the time to make it happen. It should happen soon! 


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