Saturday Sharing…

Remember these? A constant at ole Mommy Rhetoric. My randomly posted random links about random things randomness that I try and share on Saturdays. Well, it was by far one of my favorites to post. Therefore, it is back! Please enjoy!

Spirit Week Sharing…

This week was spirit week. Spirit week is all kinds of fun. It was so fun to see what our staff and
1379400_10201872628995183_123141159_n students would come up with daily. I kind of did an alternative of a normal spirit dress and then an extreme spirit dress. We started with wacky tacky but I was home with a sicky. Then we did an 80's day and I had fun mostly with my Aqua Net. I turned into a walking commerical all day for it. The next day was school spirit so just jeans and a school shirt. The next day Superhero/Disney day. I doned my purple batman shirt and matching socks and the students ended up calling me cheerleader batman. It was funny to because several students kept thinking I used to be a cheerleader based on the way I looked. I promptly told them I was the anti-thesis of a cheerleader in my life. Ha! And then just pink day. The two highlights of my spirit week were a student and I pretending to get into a hair fight during our eighties day. All with massive amounts of Aqua Net involved. The second was a complete presentation in front of the in a batman voice given by one of my students who dressed as batman that day! Spirit week was so fun for the first 10 minutes of class but after that I was ready for the kids to take me seriously and met to take them seriously. 

Sicky Sharing…

Who knows what kind of bug moved through our house last week? Was it whopping cough? A virus? Who knows? All I know is all three girls were plagued with fevers and just general feeling like crappage. They did bounce back quite quickly. 

Lock In Sharing...

This was my second week for our lock- in. Last year, I did what I called the mom shift. I made sure our students ate, cleaned up their messes and got them settled in the gym for the others to take over. This year was different. More help was really needed in the later shift 12-6. My guy had a game so I either had to pay my baby sitter to stay or go home and get back up. So I threw my hand up cautiously to do the late shift. I was really reluctant especially after I went home to nap. But I made it back. I planned to last till 3 at the most. Once there I was having so much fun I actually stayed till the last student was there @ 6:20ish. It was good to interact with them in that way. We played games, danced and just acted goofy. Every time I go to these events with dread I am always walking away so refreshed and grateful for my position and my students.

IMAG0276But staying up all night long has caught up with me. So much so in fact that this idea I had in my head to get a coffee maker turned into something more expensive and honestly better. The more I thought the more I thought I may want Keurig. On a whim while I was doing my grocery shopping I purchased one. This one in fact. It was not that expensive. I am guessing cause I got it at Walmart. I already had my first cup and it was AUUUUHHHMAZINNNNNNNG! I think we will get quite a bit of use out of it between coffee, tea and hot chocolate. (NOTE: No clue why that is underlined and am too tired to fix it so sorry…but not really.)

I text my guy and said, "Thank you so much for my early birthday present. I love it." He types back, "You are welcome." I then panicked thinking he really had bought me and thought I had found it because I did mention to him earlier that maybe we could get one. Then he sent another and said, "I am glad you picked something out because I had no idea what to get." We are goofs. 

We are romantic ole fools but for birthdays and holidays we mostly go about as unromantic and sentimental as you can. It is all about praticality, I guess! 


Not much more sharing to take place. I am a boring old soul today! It was fall break. I had sick kids. The most exciting parts of my week were spirit week and my coffee maker and I think I have those covered. But in case you wanted to see our cute little puppers. Miss Roxie Lee E is doing quite well. She is 7lbs of drama and lovable moments. She is going on 9 months old and love, love, loves #2. They are best buds. It is actually really cute to see. 

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” 
― Colette


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