Up in here…

I lead an extremely boring life, but boring is good. The funny thing is really most of my day is not boring. I literally move from the moment I go to bed until I go to bed at night. My job is the biggest time suck. Usually though I am good at booting it. This week I haven't. I have had a lot of loose ends with my job that I hate. I noticed when I have loose ends I tend to get cranky, irritated and stressed with my family, my friends and my students. So I am working this week after I take care of the kiddos. 

I love to look back at my week and the fun moments I did manage to catch via a cell phone pic or a facebook post. Therefore, I am sharing a bit of my boring life with you alls. 🙂


Parade night here in our little town. The girls love the parade and they have never missed even when they were in my tummy

And a nice, warm hot chocolate after the parade courtesy of our Keurig. The girls are officially in love!

Pizza from scratch night. The healthy version. 

Pumpkin carving time….Followed by…


The seeds. Salted with Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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