Saturday Sharing…the day after.

Well yesterday at 3:24 I turned 37. The best part of the day is that no one believed I was 37. Thankfully, I have very good genes. Neither of my parents look their age and apparently they have passed those genes onto me. Many of my students honestly thought I was in my twenties. The even better news is I care so little about age. Honestly, I have lived a very good and blessed life and I embrace my age. I always have. 

My students post-it note stormed me again. They are getting so creative and I wish I could return the favor but space. Space is always an issue in high school. They really have none unless you count their tiny lockers that often are rusted out and lack a bottom. 

Well this week was uneventful otherwise. I have been more observant to the things I wanted to share this week. 

Jane-austen-jersey-scarf-10592-p[ekm]248x250[ekm]Shopping Sharing….

One of my co-workers shared an item from this site which lead to me looking all over this shop for almost two hours. I never did buy anything but I covet a lot. No A LOT!!!! Oh the site? The Literary Gift Company. And that scarf made me drool just a bit. As did many of the other wonderful things on this site. Why oh why didn't I pick a profession well know for its lucrativeness? 

I am burning up my amazon prime account too! I think I got 4 packages in the mail this week. By the time the 3rd one came this week I was partially embarrassed and partially scratching my head trying to remember what I actually bought. Amazon makes it way to easy to shop. In the matter of a minute or two I can have ordered a product and it will be there in a day or so. It is way too easy. But I did purchase things that we needed. But I can't remember what they are now. Ha ha! 

You Tube Sharing…

I have been a little you tube obsessed. In one of my classes we are starting Lois Lowry's The Giver. This is a novel that I hear continually over and over from my high school students and college students as a book they loved and remembered. So I kicked it off this week watching all the Utopian/Dystopian movie trailers we could find. For me in my classroom before I can dig into rigor I have got to establish relevance. You do that by meeting them where they are. They loved being able to identify with a movie they have heard of and then I moved it into book. This got me super excited for The Catching Fire Movie coming up in a few weeks. It also reminded me a student came to me about a fundraiser involving movies and the sheer amount of movie out this year that are tied to books that my students have enjoyed or would enjoy. And can I just say Team PEETA forever! 

I also accidentally ran into this video of a cover of Royals via the Huffington Post. I used it as a teaching tool for evaluating news. I used it alongside the video of the baby crying while his momma sang a song to him. We discussed why this is actually news? We are currently in a unit where we are thinking about how news has changed and has to change according to its audience. When these you tube videos are intruding on your everyday we have to ask why and get passed 'human interest' as the answer. In the process of doing leg work for this lesson I came across this guy's you tube page. He was the clown in this video. But his band does covers of all the popular songs but changes them to almost unrecognizable but in the coolest manner ever. Don't believe me? Ever seen this rendition of 'Blurred Lines'?

TV Sharing…

Can I just say I feel like a Braverman? If you watch the show I am referencing you know exactly what I mean? I was way late to the Parenthood Train. I just started watching last year entirely by accident. I didn't feel good one night and it was on. I can relate to it in so many ways. I can never ever watch an episode without crying my eyes out. This morning I got up at 6 AM to watch before my family was up so no one would witness my snot fest. And it did not disappoint. 

Another show I haven't started watching until recently was Family Guy. Kpuff has told me many times different episodes that she loved. I never tried. That was until a few weeks ago my guy and were looking for things to watch and happened up this show because nothing else was on (yet again) and we laughed so hard. The sense of humor is so mine. Now my netflix que is full of Family Guy.

I was a huge Revenge fan the last few years. And well that changed. The plot is growing tiring and I
Facebook_timeline__the_paradise__bbc__by_torri012-d5mjiov am tired of the same old set up for the characters.  I know I am not alone in this. At first I got it and loved the drama and thrill. Now it is so predictable and frustrating that I have happily tuned out the last three sundays without missing a thing. 

But maybe it was that The Paradise lured me away. Oh me and my period drama stuff. I suppose maybe I talked about this last week. I don't remember. Regardless, I love it. Not near as much as Dowton Abbey, but for the same reasons. If you aren't watching…you should be. 

Birthday Sharing…

Today we are celebrating my actual birthday. A few weeks ago when I realized my birthday was on a Friday I was slightly disappointed. Not because it was Friday, but because Friday's are chalked full of caffiene and trying to stay awake to be with my family. I am beat. So I dubbed the Saturday (today!) the day after my birthday birthday celebration. We got a baby sitter and about three weeks ago I tried to talk my guy into taking me out ice skating to which he said, "NO!" I whined a little and said, "But it is my birthday!" And his answer is still no. I normally would guilt him, but he has bad back issues so alas I caved and said ok. So I have no idea what we are actually doing but we are spending the day together.

But this is how old I actually am….We got our sitter for early afternoon so we could be home by 8-9. Ha ha! I didn't want to be out all night and I wanted our baby sitter to have her night if she wanted it to. So we are doing something and then dinner. I think I am gonna drag him to Dicky's Wild Hare. I am hoping to meet Kpuff and her hubs there. 

And I am off to a day full of grading, laundry and writing. Oh yea I am doing Nanowrimo. I am about 1200 words in. 


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