Just Write: What I want to say but can’t.


What I want to say I can't.

When I try and talk I can't.

I hate unkind people. I really hate unkind people who raise unkind kids.

I don't judge, but I do when you have mean kids.

I am going to get my PhD. I applied already. I am sorry if you don't think I should. But oh well.

I care a lot. Like too much.

Our paths were NOT the same. Not even close. 

I smile even though sometimes it hurts.

Our hurts are different, but mine mean no less and yours are just as valid.

I could teach elementary with my advanced degree license and I realized that is scary.

Me no teachy elementary. I get antsy with some high school behaviors. 

I am not a welcome mat and I refuse to be anymore. 

Oh wait, I haven't been for awhile. 

My guy and gals are my priorities. 

I am limited often by my own boundaries and beliefs. 

Could you please just stop talking? I have so much to say.  

I don't share even half of what I really think.

What I have to offer the world is at times profound. Other times I think it is crap.

But let me decide. 

I never dreamed life would be easy… 

But sometimes the hardest parts make it easy to know what should be next. 

I am hard enough on myself

What I want to say but can't.



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