Just Write: I hear you and you matter.

Yes I listen. I actually listen to all of you. I hear the words and I take moments to take them in. I try and remember. How was it back then? How did it feel? Did it feel crappy to be voiceless? I may not always respond in the best way. But I think. I walk away and I replay. I rethink. I wonder was what I said right? Did you understand? Did I let you know you mattered? I hope I did. 

Life isn't easy. Life often feels powerless and voiceless and harsh. But it isn't always like that I promise. It is sometimes good books, or laughter. Or popcorn during a movie. Or it is the giggle that you aren't supposed to have. Or the kiss of your love or hug of your best friend. Life seems so big right now and I know it feels that way. But it isn't. You grow up and you know and see life is way small right now. But that comes with time. 

The older you get the more you have those, "I should have said" or "I wish I had done" moments. Enjoy your life where those don't cloud your every day. But it is hard to see that now. In fact, it is darn hard to not see that now. 

Right now you see yourself evaluated every day by everyone. Life is an evaluation or an assessment. Am I cute enough? Am I smart enough? Did I work hard enough? Did I do too much work? Did I react the right way? Did I make the right call? 

And yea those things still happen when you are older. But dare I say you may care a little less or lose a little less sleep over them. You try and play the "I am what I am" card and hope that the world sees you in the way they are meant to. So it is less about evaluation of others and more about your own acceptance of the evaluation of yourself. 

I see the way you walk, talk and think and I hope you know I hear you. And you do matter. And if I didn't say it loud enough or clear enough that my actions show it. You matter and your voice is heard. Even if I can do nothing more than listen. But do know I am listening. 



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