Saturday Sharing On Monday…What the Diff?

This passed weekend was absolutely jam packed. My students made it to State in the spellbowl and I had a student who came in the very next day after they had won their spot come running into me begging me to come and watch her. I immediately said yes. However, my intention was always to go. I didn't want to just be a teacher to teach. I wanted the whole experience. Plus it was so fun to see my students in this this way shining. They always do in my eyes but this experience was awesome to see them shining. 

College Sharing…

The competition was at Purdue University. I have a weird relationship with Purdue. Weird as in it is part of what drives my success. I remember when I was younger and my sister was identified as gifted. She was invited to go to Purdue for a summer camp. I remember riding in the car with my mom to drop her off. I remember arriving on campus and feeling so small among the college buildings. I remember the people every where and they all looked so smart. The images stuck with me and this idea of going "there" to become a better me. I have never let those images go and they really have driven me. 

My goal and intention was never really to go there perse but to go to college. I just remember wishing and hoping I could go to a campus like that. Eventually my goal became to go to Ball State but life intervened. I could say I have some regrets about that but I really don't. I needed to go my Purduepath to become the best me. 

Also, my guy is a Purdue Grad and grew up with his parents being huge huge huge supporters of the Boilermakers. In fact, when he proposed he told me to plan our wedding around Purdue Sports. Then when I went to IPFW which is primarily a Purdue Campus I worked for Purdue as a graduate teaching aid. I just continue to remain proud of those ties and honestly am at least pulling for # 1 to go there. Though I haven't shared that with her. 

As I walked around the amazing campus looking around and taking it all in on Saturday, I decided that I needed to bring my girls here. I needed to bring them to all the campuses we could muster in our great state. So they too could have those images planted in their heads. They need to feel comfortable there and movign around it. Now I have to say I am super impressed with their schools because it is in their daily curriculum to constantly talk about and take trips to local campuses. But it wouldn't hurt to expose them more. 

I came back to my Dad's house and told them all that we would be doing campus visits to the Indiana Colleges. I wonder if that makes me overbearing? But honestly, I don't care. I just want them to know their options and to use the experience and images to drive them the way it has me. 

Turkey Sharing…

We had our first Thanksgiving this weekend at my Dad's house. He always makes the best turkeys. He was deep frying his turkeys before it was mainstream and they were always so good. My girls go ga ga over them. We knew we were headed there and it was close to Thanksgiving but had no idea if he was doing it. I didn't want to ask him to do it because it is a job. And he had already planned to do it so we were so excited. 

I am thinking about purchasing a turkey fryer for the indoors. They are just so yummy. But the way my dad does it scares me. It is the big huge deep fryer that must be outside and with lots and lots of grease. This method seems way safer and I have a lot more control. He is so good at it. Me, not so much! 

We usually handle turkey detail around here so I am thinking maybe we will. I gotta talk to my guy! 

Blog Sharing….

Well I had lots of additions of friends to my Facebook which means they will likely find their way to my blog. My history as a blogger is long and well long. But I wanted to remind anyone that is finding their way here that this is my space to vent, to write, to cry, to parent, to teach and to so much more. I am a writer. Sometimes it is easy to think this is all me all the time when you are here. But it isn't. It is a moment in time. It is a few stolen moments away from my kiddos, or my work or my life. Sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I am in love. Sometimes I am riddled with anxiety. But I am really just trying to be me here. A real person, with real feelings, living a real life. Most of that time that has nothing to do with anyone else. It is just my life as I see it

Card Sharing…

I am preparing to make my Christmas cards for this year and I have absolutely fallen in love with this Minted. It is amazing site created by artists. The cards are so artistic and breath taking. I am in awe. The prices are a bit salty and I gotta decide if I really want to spend it. I do think they are worth it because I have physically seen them and the quality is top notch. I just gotta determine if they are worth the money. 

Political View Sharing…

So he is in Indy today doing some Project Lead the Way training today. He is also listening to Glenda Ritz doing a speech about education in Indiana and I am super anxious to hear all about it. I think she has so much potential to help education in Indiana. I just hate the way that our governer is treating her. I am ashamed and disappointed in the Republian party and their lack of taking notice of the voters wishes here. 

I am usually vote with topics that are important to me versus republican or democrat. But most of the time I am fairly conservative. But education in Indiana is a mess and I know exactly how they got there. 

Well that is enough sharing for today I suppose. Life is good! I have a day at home today because my school has no power due to the storms. I plan to get ahead at school and hang with my lady! 


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