She just keeps rolling.

Yesterday I started hearing about this monster storm coming directly at me. I realized I had plans Saturday to celebrate a birthday and Christmas with a dear friend and her little girl. I realized said storm and date I wouldn't miss meant I had to brave my local walmart on the day the news announced the end of the world was coming. That is a whole nother post for another time. 

Anyway, I did my motherly duty and went to do my bi-weekly grocery shopping trip and while doing it noticed I was incredibly hungry. And even worse realized I had not eaten all day. Minus some caffiene occasionally to keep me going I realized it was 7:30 and I had ingested nothing. 

I decided the lack of calories for the day may allow me to splurge a little and I purchased stuff to make my wholemade from scratch eggrolls. A task I do about once or twice a year because honestly it is a job! Finally around 8:30 I got around to making them and knew it would be a while before eating. And yes I realize it is way too late to be eating but I was starving folks. 

Well I set up shop to do this task and I realized I had a very intrigued helper. My #2 loves to help me cook. She especially loves it when it is foods we don't normally eat. Egg rolls are kinda of my thing. I eat them when my guy is out or when I am worrying about no one else but me. No one else really even considers them. Who knows why, but I figure more for me to stock my freezer with! 

So with a sous chef by my side we walked through every step of the egg roll making process. I Eggroll1explained why we were doing what we were doing and let her run the show. For starters I brown a high quality sausage. I prefer just a salt and pepper variety. I ended up running sausage through blender for my guy to have it in a recipe for later and I actually think it made the end product eggroll better because I prefer smaller pieces of sausage. 

Then make sure you blot out as much grease as you can from the sausage. The less grease the better. Then you toss in a full package of cole slaw into the pan you browned the sausage in. No dressing, just the cabbage and carrots. You can cut your own and add in more veggies. I prefer the package because it is easy. Toss the sausage in with the cole slaw mix. Add in 2-3 TBSP of soy sauce. You can add more or less or none at all. This is totally a preference. Let it cook down and steam. It should go down about 50% and that is the indicator it is done. 

Then place it into a bowl and get your egg roll wrappers out. I usually find these by tofu and what not in my grocery store. I get a small bowl of water to help seal the eggrolls. Then this is where things I think got tricky for #2. She was scared. I kept impressing upon her you cannot go wrong here. The one main goal is that you have no open areas where the stuff inside can sneak outside. So it has to be a tight roll. The package tells you how to roll, but I have done this for so many years I have adapted it. It doesn't matter your method but the tighter the roll the more pleased you will be with the texture inside. As I told #2 you want to have soft and yummy (not greasy and crispy) inside. I warn you now. This will make a lot. The more you stuff inside an egg roll the less you will have. I usually stuff them with about 2-3 TBSP of stuff. 

Then from here you must decide if you are a fryer or a ovener. I think both methods work great and have similiar results. Usually for me it is about time. If I have more time I will bake. If you do that try a 350 degree oven and then you need to spray with Pam or paint with olive oil or vegetable Eggroll2oil. I would say about 20-25 minutes. But I always watch and just make sure they are crispy on the outside like an egg rolls should be. 

If you are fryer there are also two methods. You can shallow fry or deep fry. I prefer shallow. The deeper makes the oil seep in and is ruins texture and it is just meh. The shallow fry though you must keep an eye on it. I turn heat up and wait till it is warm enough that the egg roll talks back when you put it in pan. Usually keep it on each side for about a 1 to 1 and half minutes. 

You can serve with just plain soy sauce, duck sauce, sweet and sour sauce or even hot sauce. You are only limited by your own imagination. You can also substitute the sausage for chicken, pulled pork, steak or shrimp. You can also go totally vegetarian with straight slaw. 

I always end up with extras to freeze. So make sure you either freeze them on a tray apart from one another or wrap them individually to freeze. They will stick and you will not like the result. So take Eggroll3 my advice and save yourself a headache. 

The best part of this whole eggroll experience is that my baby girl got to cook it with me and she tried them. My other two and my guy don't even try them. She at least tried them. And guess what….SHE LOVED THEM! 


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