Who touched the…

Who touched the darn thermostat? Good grief is it ever cold. So I live in Indiana. And Indiana got dumped on yesterday! We got a huge snow storm followed by blizzard conditions followed by some SNOW1sort of thing they are calling an artic blast. 

It is no secret that I hate cold weather. Or at least I don't think it is. People that live in colder climates confuse me. People that seek out colder climates for fun confuse me. I don't judge you. For me it is insane. I often wonder how I ended up in Indiana and then stayed here. 

Once it is cold enough where I gotta wear a jacket I get whiney. Then add in that it was -18 tonight and I have to do cold weather chores and eww. Today in my home that the thermostat is set on 72 I am wearing long underwear, jeans, three pairs of socks, a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt. Brr. Admittedly some of that is because I am super lazy! I got tired of taking it all off to take the dog pee so I just left it on. 

It was especially special when I went outside this AM to dig myself out after the city plowed our street and in turn plowed a foot of snow at the end of my driveway. I feel like the snow is a huge freaking metaphor for what we are facing with my guy's TN. Every single step of that battle has had snow storms pushing my patience. And in turn the storms (or the snow) are on the receiving end of my frustration! 

This morning was no different. I bundled up. No actually my guy bundled me because I was so ridiculously layered that I couldn't finish the job. I get out there about all of a minute and I came back in because too much of my face was exposed and it was burning. So I wore my guy's TN mask for outside. Problem solved. I began to dig and neighbors took pity on me and helped out. My snot kept freezing and my tears in my eye balls felt like they were freezing. When I was trying to breathe it kept getting harder and harder because the moisture from my breath in the mask was freezing and then I couldn't catch my breath. I came in to blow my nose and ended up blowing snot all over my guys mask. 

It was a fine mess. But I survived and even built an igloo type thing for puppy to pee in so that she Pupwould be protected from the wind. Poor girl needed something because she looked at me like I was a crazy lady when I said, "Let's go pee!" The upside is two extra days off school for the snow and temps. Although I will pay for that. 

So for today's blog dare challenge prompt it is who touched the thermostat. Mother Nature I get it, you are peeved at something or someone. I am too and I am not sure who direct it to. But if it is at me I am telling you to bring it. I will win! Give me all you got I will win! 
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