Do overs…

So Bloggy Mommy blog dare prompts are kinda meh for me. I am not feeling as inspired by some of them. Some of it is because they seem negative to me or negative things are popping up in my head. But also I just feel meh about em. I thought maybe I would reblog one of my good blogs from mommyrhetoric blog over at wordpress and I do believe folks that has inspired something in me. 

Some of the inspiration is wanting me to pack up and punch myself square in the face. The old me. She is kind of clueless. She is kind of unjaded. And more importantly…she is a survivor. But when I look at where my head was at and where it is I just think sometimes I want do overs. 

I captured these tiny moments where amazing things were happening that weren't so tiny. Maybe it was our first family vacation or a kiss snuck in when you thought no one was looking. When you are living those moments you don't realize how amazing they are. They feel normal, natural and just life like. 

But then four, five, six months later you look at them and you see happiness, love and pride and you think, "Dang, where was I?" Guess what dear blog readers, you are coming down memory lane with me. Something I think you will all appreciate. If not humor me and I will never know. 












These pics are proof that, "life is not measured in the amount of breaths you take, but in the moments that take your breath away" (George Strait). And if you need more proof I just remembered how to access my Flickr account that I have had since 2007. Yes…FLICKR…Go NOW!


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